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== JANUARY 1888 1893== === 16 Monday === A continuation of this long spell of cold and frost. the frost has got further into the turnip house than is very pleasant and a good many of the turnips are frozen. Johny's celler is letting the frost in rather much, although his turnip house is all right. I helped Johny & Willie away with their lambs this forenoon. Johny had 4 and Willie had 10 with our little one. we weighed them. Johny's 428, Willie's 1021. Johny sold his by the lump for 21 dollars, Willie's shrunk about 70 lbs, but Henry Duffield allowed Willie another quarter on the 100 because of Willie delivering in Guelph instead of Rockwood according to the agreement. I have had the charge of both places on my hands to day, which with the work of wood &c has been rather much for me getting on comfortably with. === 17 Tuesday === Continues frosty and cold. Margaret & I started off for Rockwood this morning so as to catch the 10.52 train. Margaret intended staying at Stewarts until I returned from Georgetown but we found that Mrs Stewart had gone to Hillsburgh and she concluded to go on to Georgetown. we had a nice visit at Moores and returned on the 6 oclock P.M. train. I got a new note from Bennett for $118. I also paid Peter Laird Junr $15.00 in full of account for the Bedroom set. the Pony is very lazy on the road at preasant . she was sick to night but she got over it in about an hours time. I paid Kate ten dollars ($10.00) that Willie sent down with me to pay on the cow. Walter & Mabel are both unwell, and James is not very well either. Joe is not strong and Kate not very either - === 18 Wednesday === The frost and cold continues although not nearly so severe as some days in the past. the wood has become scarce with us and I drew up three loads to day. Willie went down the first time with me before dinner as the old track had got filled up and I had some shovelling to do at the gate ways. Willie took Mary home this afternoon and got Fred sharped all around at Willie Lorees. I had a very busy time this evening preparing wood for the stove amd doing up my other chores. I intend going to Guelph tomorrow and am getting Johny's Jeenie. Minnie talks of going also to get a tooth pulled. she has suffered now quite a time from toothache.

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