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== JANUARY 1888 1893== Weather somewhat moderated but yet quite winter like and cold. after feeding up the things, I got Johny's mare (Jeenie) and hitched her to our cutter and Minnie and I started for Guelph about 1/2 after nine. I put up at the "Victoria" and first went to Pringles with Willies clock. then found that the money had been paid into the Bank by Heffernan and took it out. ($40.00) I then went with Minnie to Campbell the dentist and had her tooth taken out. he rubbed her face with his hands and before pulling which he considers secures painlessness - Minnie says she felt pain but not severe. we called on Mrs David Tolton and had dinner. I attended the meeting of S.W.F. institute. and heard several addresses and some discussion. Lessons learnt while judging prize farms - Hobson. and address of orchard Management - Caston. that took part in the discussion. McCrea, Whitelaw, Schill, Mah{??} Kennedy - {in margin} Guelph - we have heard to day that Mrs John Neustadt died last night at Eleven oclock. Just 12 hours after the operation took place. Minnie had her tooth pulled to day. took money from Bank. === 20 Friday === A very fine winter day. the cold has moderated perceptibly. I have had a very busy day, having had the charge of everything left to me. Willie went to a wood Bee for Colin Campbell in the afternoon. the girls and Ewart went to an entertainment at Hugh Blacks house which comes off this evening. the girls meet Ewart as he comes out of school. I paid Robert McWilliams thirty five dollars on the 200 dollar note he holds against me, which makes now 95 paid on it, when I make it the 100 I am going to make a new note for the 100 and retire the old one. I helped Wm. to get Robert down stairs to his room. he is improving although still very feeble. Barrie Mutrie is improving very much now. he is able to take his usual walk with his crutches from this Bedroom to the big room. === 21 Saturday === A very beautiful, sunshiney day. the finest day for a very long time. the thermometer showed 15 or 16 above zero, and the change is very enjoyable. Margaret went to Guelph to day along with Lizzie - they had Butter and eggs to the market. sold the (our) eggs at 23 cts = 4 1/2 doz. Lizzie got 19cts for Butter - they walked up to Mrs Sockets and saw Mrs Neustadts remains - they appeared to be gratified by their visit. the funeral takes place tomorrow, I half soled my Boots and prepared my usual wood, also attended to some young pigs that I got from Robert McWilliams that his sow refuses to nurse. === 22 Sunday === Weather continues fine, and the cold quite moderate. the girls were at Everton this forenoon and brought Maggie Mitchell up with them. Ewart drove them all down again in the evening. George & Mary paid us a visit to day. the Boys and I attended the funeral of Mrs Neustadt, leaving here about 2 oclock. P.M. and returning about 5 oclock. we met the cortege at Parkinsons. the burial was at the Centre burying ground. {in margin} Funeral of Mrs Neustadt - visitors