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== FEBRUARY 1888 1893== === 13 Monday === A very fine day, mild and pleasant. I have had to attend to the chores to day. both Johny & Willie have been at Henry Duffield's threshing all day/ Johny had his team there and was one of the Machine Managers. I helped to up his chores this evening. I hitched up the pony and cutter and brought Barrie Mutrie over to day. he got over nicely and I took him back again in the evening - he seemed to enjoy himself very well. === 14 Tuesday === Great fog and frost rind on everything this morning which remained all forenoon on the trees, until rain began to fall about 2 oclock, the rain kept falling less or more till pretty late at night. I hitched the Pony to the cutter and started off with Barrie Mutrie to Crofts at about one oclock arriving there about 2 oclock. we had not been long there when it began to rain . Johny and Willie have been drawing out the cedar cord wood this afternoon with 2 teams till they were both very wet. we thought it was getting cold enough to freeze this evening but at bed time it was raining on. === 15 Wednesday === Soft and rainy yet this morning but soon after day break the air got colder and frost was soon visible. every thing has been icy although the frost has by no means severe. it has been a very fine and pleasant day. I have had a very busy day. Johny has been threshing at Wm Barbers to day and he has engaged Ewart to see after his stock night and morning. I fixed them up at noon. I have also been doing some Boot mending, sewing up some seams on Johny Burnetts Boots. I also took to the mill 3 bags of chop this afternoon but could not wait. borrowed 70 lbs of Hortop . it was Johny's grist. Willie took a load of turnips to Rockwood for Robert Morton this afternoon. I brought up to Willie Theaker's the young lad he recently engaged. he has been unfortunate in getting ruptured and the doctors to day operate upon him. Dr McCullough gave him his robe to wrap himself up in and I will try to get it down to him.