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== FEBRUARY 1888 1893== === 16 Thursday === Frozen up again and it is very slippy getting around on the icy ground. it is not extra cold however. Johny is threshing again to day again at Willie Barber's. Ewart does his work night and morning - Willie helped Robert Jestin kill his pigs this forenoon and in the afternoon he took down a grist of chop to Everton. he brought home his own grist and also brought home Johny's that I left yesterday. I have had the charge of the stock to day on account of Ewart having to do Johny's work and Willie being away at the Jestins. I forgot to send down to Dr McCullough his robe that he gave us yesterday to wrap the young lad in he operated on. Johny & Lizzie are attending a select party at Willie Usherwood's tonight . Johny does not appear to sympathize very much with his own friends whom these creatures injured & wronged. === 17 Friday === Much colder than yesterday and the wind rising in the afternoon to a high pitch - made it an extremely stormy afternoon. the roads are getting filled up with the drifting snow which made heavy travelling. as I unfortunately forgot to send down the Dr's robe with Willie yesterday, I had to hitch up and take it down to him this afternoon - I grudged hard to have to do so for no other purpose in the midst of so wild a storm, but, as I in a measure obligated myself to see it down to him in a reasonable time, I could not very well get out of it. I will try to be more careful in future in voluntarily obliging myself on such occasions, as my memory plays me false at times. Johny & Lizzie are off again to a "shin dig" to night at Joe Crofts. they must be kean for these things surely. I did not wonder at their desire to attend on this occasion, but last night they should have done without. {in margin} 8 below zero this morning - === 18 Saturday === Not so stormy as yesterday and the temperature is more moderate. I sharpened and set our crosscut saw this forenoon and split up a lot of stove wood. I hitched up the colt to the cutter and drove over to Wm McPhails for coal oil. I got 5 Galls at the old proce 12 1/2 cts per Gall. John McKenzie and Bella drove down this afternoon. they are staying all night. the Baby makes strange which makes to somewhat unpleasant. we hope to see the weather remain good so as to let them home again. === 19 Sunday === Quite a drop in the temperature since last night - the thermometer shows it colder this aftenoon and the wind is rising and drifting the snow. it became so stormy as to make John McKenzie afraid to start for home. he has got a cold and Bella prevailed on to stop all night - they are now sorry to night they did not start off in the morning. as it was neither so cold nor so stormy. the Baby is not so troublesome to day - he is more reconciled to his company.