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== FEBRUARY 1888 1893== === 23 Thursday === An awfully snowy day, not cold however. this is a wonderfully severe winter. I accompanied Willie & Colin to the bush and helped them to get the first tree, a big maple, down. we had considerable trouble with it as the tree did not leave the truck after falling. before dinner I went up to Duffield's and borrowed their saw. after doing up the things I hitched up the colt as the Pony cut herself yesterday, and I drove down to Everton for the mail, taking Annie McKenzie to Usherwood in the passing. on my way home I called at Webbs and got the bag of coal they owed us from last year. Willie and Colin hung well at the bush in the midst of that snow storm. I am nearly laid up to night from a lame back. George Black has sent a pamphlet containing a Sermon. "What we believe And Why we believe it". George's departure from Campbellism is very pronounced. {in margin} sent $2.00 for John McKenzie Assm't and my own A.O.U.W. also $1.50 for Relief - sent it by Wm Moore in open letter and paid him five cents. === 24 Friday === A very fine day, bright sunshine and not over cold. I have not been able to get around much especially in the forenoon. Johny has killed his pigs and Willie & Colin have been helping also Henry Duffield and Robert Jestin. they finished up between 3 and 4 oclock. it being so late they did not go to the bush and instead went at shovelling and opening up our lane which has been blocked for some time. I did not venture to do much to day but on account of Johny having so much on hand I went over after tea and cut up the three hogs he is keeping for himself. I took out all the fat and spare ribs, and took the bones out of the hams.{in margin} lame back to day === 25 Saturday === Another beautiful day. Johny and Lizzie went to Guelph today with their pork. at home they weighed 170 each the 2 small ones, and the large sow (Blakeley's) 392 lbs. they nearly were as much at Guelph and he realized $8.40 for the 2 and $7.80 for the sow per 100. Willie and Jeenie also went to town with Butter & eggs. 20 & 22 respectively. I have had to do up Johnys things at noon and am not yet very able. Johny brought 2 barrells of coal for us $1.75 - they report the roads as very heavy and terrible pitch holes in places. we have engaged a man named Kennedy to come and fix our Organ on Monday. he does it for $2.00. {in margin} Johny & Willies folks at Guelph to day. Pork, eggs & Butter. Johny brought us 1/4 ton or over of coal - $1.75. === 26 Sunday === A fine day. Ewart & and girls have been twice to Everton to day. he drove the colt there in the cutter as the Pony cut herself pretty bad the day I had her up to McKenzies. I sent away a letter for mailing to Meaford.