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== MARCH 1888 1893== === 22 23 Thursday=== A fine day. the snow is leaving very fast although there is now some check to the terrible flow of water we experienced some days ago. it is a good thing it is so as much damage might have resulted had there not been these repeated checks. Willie went to Birge's Mill to day with the grist he prepared yesterday - Joe and I went to meet the funeral of James Kilgour, which we understood was to leave Guelph at 11 A.M. we left here somewhere about one oclock and drove over nearly to Charles Sockett's gate before meeting them. there was only a fair attendance at the funeral. John told me his father was taken off without a moments warning through heart failure. I sent away a letter to W.S. Duncan, Mrs Smallhorn's brother asking assistance to pay their house. got 50cts worth sugar at Forester's - got the mail home with us - === 23 24 Friday === A very fine day. Johny and Willie took each a load of turnips to Rockwood for Tho. Webb this forenoon. I had to hustle round this forenoon to do up the chores so as to go myself and allow Willie to go to Cook's sale afternoon. I was showing Johny's bull to a young man who wished to buy. young James Benham & Luther. I had also some trouble with a calf of Johny's. I got Henry Duffield to come and look at it. Robert McWilliams and I operated on it. it had no natural passsage from the bowels and we cut an opening, but we do not expect it will live. it is a pity as it is a nice well developed calf. I went to the sale with Henry Duffield thinking to get a set of single harness. they went too dear however. I got a shoevel, rake and hoe for 15cts - returned home by getting a ride to Willie Loree's place with Ed. Tovell and walked acreoss the fields and getting my feet very badly wet. === 24 25 Saturday=== Froze up again last night and thereby checking the rising floods again. the snow which was so deep has gone off in a fine easy manner after all. Mr Dunbar and I took a drive down to Rockwood this forenoon to see about getting Margaret & Mrs Dunbar to join on to the Relief Circle that is likely to be formed at Rockwood. Mr Iness the agent, was at Toronto and we could do but little about it. we called at Crofts and had our dinner, and saw Barrie and his Mother. Mrs Mutrie is still in bed, although improving. === 25 26 Sunday=== A very fine day. fine sunshine and the nights are beautiful as well. clear moonlight. the girls drove the Pony to Everton to day. the pony's foot is still unhealed up yet. they did not go to Everton in the evening but visited at McWilliams, and Margaret and I visited at Henry Duffields.