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== MARCH 1888 1893== === 26 27 Monday=== A very beautiful day. clear sunshine and mild. the snow is going very fast. I helped Willie to clean up some grain to take to mill to chop. he was in a hurry to get away this morning so as to get back in time to attend a sawing bee at Richd McWilliams. I put off some time with a gentleman from Georgewtown wanting to buy up a car load of apples. his name is Arnold. his address is at the end of this book. he thinks he may yet do business through me. I hitched up Billie to the cutter and drove down to Everton this afternoon expecting to meet a young lad from Guelph who engaged with Willie - they sent a card he is not coming. Dr Dryden examined Minnie. he says she needs some building up and is to bring up a bottle of Scott's Emulsion for 80cts (wholesale price) next Wednesday. got word to night of the death of Mrs Robt. Greire - {in margin} Grist Mill. Sawing Bee. Man from Georgetown looking after apples - a drive to Everton - Death of Mrs Robert Greire Luther. === 27 28 Tuesday=== Weather much as usual. very fine and beautiful through the day although cold and frosty at night. the snow drifts are so hard in the morning as to bear up a team and load over them. Willie and I took out the last of the poles out of the swamp (cedar) for fence stakes. we also took up 2 loads of tops for cutting with the circular saw . I finished splitting the elm tree cuts, and afterwards we went with Johny to the swamp and helped him awhile to cut some poles for sawing with the curcular saw. his own swamp is flooded and he wants some timber to cut when we get all ready. Ewart is staying over night at Everton. my watch was pulled out of my pocket to day while handling a pole in the swamp and thrown quite a piece away. it is going yet however - {in margin} drawing poles out of the swamp also 2 loads of tops from Bush. accident to my watch - Johny has started to cut poles in our swamp. === 28 29 Wednesday=== Frosty at night but very fine through the day. Robert Jestin has a sawing bee to day and both Johny & Willie are at it. I drove over to Henry Dunbars this forenoon and got 14 Bushels of goose wheat. I helped clean it up and it was between 3 & 4 oclock before I got back home. the roads are not very good. the bare spots making heavy drawing. I paid 56cts per Bushel for it, making $7. 85. I paid him the balance $3.85. having paid him before $4.00 . after returning home I started to 1/2 sole a pair of boots for Johny. had to leave them when getting one done, as neither Ewart nor Willie were attending to the stock. Ewart is remaining again to night at Everton. {in margin} Sawing Bee at Robert Jestins - Johny & Willie at it. got 14 Bus. goose wheat at Henry Dunbars - mending Johny's Boots. Ewart at Everton these 2 nights -