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== APRIL 1888 1893== === 2 3 Monday=== Very grey and lowering the most of the day. there was some frost last night and Johny took advantage of it to draw up 2 or 3 loads of poles from the swamp. Ewart is home from school on account of this being a holiday and he helped Johny. I am still under the weather but some better than yesterday. I did not get out of bed yesterday till noon. I finished writing a letter for Bro. Alex. Meaford and drove down this evening and mailed it. there are yet great banks of snow on the Guelph road, and driving with loads on the waggon is not over safe. I called to see Mary and had tea with her. Jamie Abbott came up home with me. he wants an axle and pair of wheels to rig up a hand cart, that he may use it for drawing chips and other truck. Johny & Willie attended Robert Morton's sawing Bee. Johny afternoon, Willie all day. === 3 4 Tuesday=== Very high wind to day, and rather cold too. the wind blows from the N. West. our bay window met an accident in having something blown against it and breaking a pane of glass 28 x 16 - Ewart drove down a grist of chop to the mill for Johny to day. it was well on in the afternoon before he returned home. Jamie Abbott was made happy be me giving him the 2 front wheels of old McIntosh Buggie, and the axle. he is making up a hand cart. Johny & Willie attended a sawing bee at Albert Toltons. === 4 5 Wednesday=== The wind has fallen and there has been considerable frost last night. this is fair day at Gualph and quite a number of the neighbors are away to it. I sent to Guelph with Richd McWilliams for a pane of glass for our bay window. he brought it safely. 1 lb putty and the glass cost 27 cts. Johny drove over this forenoon to John Mutries for the Circular Saw. he took our old heavy waggon and bottom of the hay rack. Willie had quite a number of hands at a sawing bee this afternoon. I have been attending to his chores the while. I also drove Minnie down about 3 oclock to see Dr Dryden at Heffernans. the Dr thinks Minnie is not in a very good state of health and we will have to see that she takes exercise when the weather gets fine.