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== APRIL 1888 1893== === 5 6 Thursday=== Quite hard frost last night - the ground is quite hard this morning. Robert Jestin and Willie went to Rockwood this forenoon for empty apple barrells. Robrt brought 30 and Willie 14. I helped Johny cut and bring up a load of poles from his swamp this forenoon as Willie was late in getting back from Rockwood - I had to attend to his chores at noon. his brother in law James Campbell clipped his old mare this afternoon. the mare has been rather unwell these few days back from Diahrea. I drove to Everton this evening for the mail. a cold easterly wind blows this evening. I hear Dr McGuire of Guelph has become insane and taken to the Toronto Asylum. === 6 7 Friday === Very high wind last night and and rain which has frozen as it fell. everything this morning is covered with ice. the apple packers came along from Robt. Jestins this morning and got fairly started to pack in Johny's barn when Willie suggested driving them up to Mrs Canthras to pack what she had, as the ice made slipping for the sleigh - they packed 5 Barrells for her and 3 for John Reid and after returning they finished packing about ten Barrells in Johnys barn. one of the men is stopping at Willies and the other two at Johny's. Willie's black sow (McKenzies) pigged 8 pigs to day, while he was at Dublin to day. Minnie is not well to day. the fever is too high. 104. === 7 8 Saturday=== Extremely high wind all day, which seems to be taking away the snow very fast. the last of the snow. the apple packers packed 3 Barrells for Willie this morning. there was some over but not enough of good to make out another barrell. they drove over to Robt. Kerr's. I half soled a pair of Boots for Thom. Mac's boy and repaired a pair for Mrs Mac, in all 50 cts. Willie went to mill to day with a grist of chop. Minnie is a little better to day - === 8 9 Sunday=== A very fine day. sunshine and mild - Minnie & Maggie went to meeting this forenoon. Ewart drove Maggie down at night. John McKenzie and Bella drove down to day. John returned in the evening but Bella and Baby remains for a few days. the baby is thriving & growing nicely. Minnie is a little better to day.