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== APRIL 1888 1893== === 9 10 Monday=== A very fine day. Some frost last night and the Boys moved over the horse power from the other barn before the ground got too soft. Willie's team brought it over on the sleigh. a pretty good pull on the bare ground. we set the machine ready for starting tomorrow morning to cut with circular saw. we expect John Mutrie along in the morning early as he has not come to night. I drove down Minnie to see Dr Dryden at Heffernans. Minnie is not doing very well. she is too much fevered and she does not stand a very good exam. in the chest. === 10 11 Tuesday=== Another very fine day. we got a pretty fair start at the cutting this morning some little time before 8, and finished up shortly after 11. there was 15 or 16 loads of poles &c. I think 20 loads would keep the machine very busy for a good forenoon and it would require then to be well handled and attended. we had 10 hands all told. Ewart & I, Johny & Willie, George Loree, Thomy Webb, Robt Jestin, Robt Morton, Dan. Tolton, John Mutrie. I drove at both Johny's and here. after dinner we moved the machine over to Johny's and we cut all his stuff in 2 hours. Johny kept the hands afterwards to split all he could till night. John Mutrie would not make any charge for our cutting and we should remember him some way. === 11 12 Wednesday=== Rather a showery day. it looked gloomy and dull in the morning and it rained a while before dinner. we had different other showers but it did not settle down to a wet day. Johny took the 13 barrells of apples to Rockwood after getting early dinner. he started away in the midst of rain but it did not hold on long. John Campbell also took down 8 barrells. and after returning home about 6 oclock, he sold their little grey mare for sixty dollars, cash, to Sam Tovell, who paid us a visit and waited for him. he took the mare home with him. I settled up with Henry Duffield this evening by paying him $1.35. his acct. was Beef $1.60, fence wire 50cts- days work of George 75c = $2.85. my acct . shoe mending $1.50. leaving me the above to pay.