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== APRIL 1888 1893 == === 1617 Monday=== Dull and cool all day except that it was some brighter - Afternoon, not unpleasant although the cool north wind made it a bit chilly. Minnie and her Mother drove the Pony down to Heffernan's corner to see Dr Dryden. we are all glad to find the doctor found Minnie considerably better. he says her lungs are much freer and there are general indications of betterness. we had a visit of Mrs Peavoy (John Harris) - I sewed some rippings on her boots gratis. also a halter shank for Willie. I drew over a load of turnips from Johny's which he gives us for our cows. he opened the pit this morning. John Mutrie taking away 2 loads. I helped Johny clean up about 10 bags of stuff to chop. he took it down to the mill and brought it home with him. Mrs John Abbott paid Margaret Six dollars the balance of the wood money. it is now all paid up $12.00. {in margin} Abbott's wood all paid - === 17 18 Tuesday=== A very fine day. the frost was severe last night and the ground was quite hard for a time. Johny & I sowed Willie's grass seed this forenoon on the fall wheat ground next the Sugar bush. Willie plowed for Johny. he intends plowing a day or two for Johny as his own sod is too wet. i uncovered Johny's turnip pit and loaded another load of turnips that Johny is giving us. I drew one in yesterday, and Willie drew his in this morning - Maggie & Minnie took a drive over to Toltons to day. the day is so fine they stayed rather late however. Willie is getting Thomas Rafferty's boy. Thomas brought him along this evening. Johny & Lizzie drove over to John Mutrie's this evening. Mrs Mutrie Senr & Barrie are both there and they are not at all well. === 18 19 Wednesday=== A very drying day. I think one of the most drying of this spring but, a very cold east wind blows and there is the look of a storm impending, the sun is casting a hazy glare as it goes down. Johny and Willie have both been plowing on Johny's sod and have the piece nearly done. I helped Johny to measure off the large field and find the center where he intends building a fence and divide it in two. 52 rods in all. 26 rods in each field. first field behind his barn. I loaded a load of turnips for Johny this morning and Johny drew it in. I also loaded another in the evening but he did not draw it in. I had quite a job taking off the handle off my axe and wedging it on again straight. I also wrapt wire on handle near the head where it wears when splitting. this is the day that Farrish's Creditors meet at Guelph to arrange his affairs.