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== APRIL 1888 1893== === 19 20 Thursday=== A terrible storm of wind and rain. the rain freezes as it falls and everything outside is caked heavily with ice. the wind increased in strength as the day wore on until about 4 oclock P.M. when it seemed to abate a little. I drove to Everton for the mail this evening - it was still stormy but nothing to what prevailed a couple of hours before. the stage reached Everton while I was there (6 oclock) - I notice a great deal of timber blown down in Robert & Dan Talbot's bush mostly, if not all, up by the roots. Johny unloaded the turnips I loaded for him last night. I was afraid to see him open his barn doors but it did not affect that side of the barn so much as the wind is from the east. Ewart did not go to school to day. === 20 21 Friday=== The weather yet remains wintry although it has been soft enough to melt off the ice. the snow that fell last night on the ice does not get away in a hurry. I started to sew up the rippings on our robe and Geo. Loree coming along (after dinner) with his boots to half sole and heel. I did them for him. also put on a patch on the toe of ien of Johny's boots. just as we were going to sit down to tea we got word of Albert Tolton's oldest child (Hyndman) being very ill, and in a very short time afterwards Dan Tolton brought us word of his death. Margaret went down with him. it is a very sudden taking away of the little fellow. Dr McCullough was called this morning and he did not seem to think his case serious although he found inflammation of the bowel (afterwards and Dr Dryden)- he rapidly got worse from about 2 oclock P.M. and died about 6 . he appeared tyo be in convulsions for the last two hours. === 21 22 Saturday=== Weather quite cold yet although we are again getting clear of the ice and snow. this of itself will be a great help in making the air warmer. I have had quite a job to day sewing up the rippings of the old robe. and before I got through with it, I had to go to Everton. I drove the colt in the buggie and got Willie Loree to reset his shoes all around. I sent a letter to Mr Wood and the two cards of A.O.W.U. for self and Jno McKenzie. double assm't & dues - $5.00. also $1.50 for relief making in all $6.50 - I did not mail it but gave it Wm Moore to carry & deliver it and gave him 5c - I had tea with Mary and shortly aftert the colt was done and I paid Loree 40c for it and came on home. I brought Margaret down to Albert Toltons but she got home before I returned. === 22 23 Sunday=== Continues cold and ungenial. really we are having a very late and backward spring. we all went down to the funeral. the girls and Lizzie coming back home with the pony and buggie. I rode over with Johny - Willie had Billie & cart. R. J. Kerr accompanied him over and Ewart returned with him. Ewart being one of the pall bearers he rode over with the others with Emerson Tolton. there was quite a number at the funeral. A good many only going part of the way. Mr Baker spoke over at the meeting house where we were warmed. it was very raw and cold.