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== APRIL 1888 1893== === 23 24 Monday=== Fine day. threatning rain this evening. I helped Willie to load up 3 logs of elm on the trucks. he had quite a job fixing one of the reaches that had given out. (this, however was done later on when the logs spoken of was sawn up and provided a stick for the purpose) Willie after taking them to the mill waited and brought the lumber home with him. he means it for waggon bottoms. Albert Tolton is not out of trouble yet. his wife has taken ill to day and Dan. was sent up for Margaret to go down and help nurse her. her fever was up so high as to cause uneasiness to Dr McCullough and they thought it best to bring Dr Dryden also. Minnie was down to the corner and saw Dr Dryden . he says she continues to improve. {in margin} took elm logs to Mill. Mrs Albert Tolton very ill - Minnie down to see Dr Dryden - === 24 25 Tuesday=== Fine day. although the temperature is very cold all the time, which does not dry up the ground very fast. spring weather is much needed now so as to bring on seeding, but we have a late spring now whatever betides. John McKenzie and Bella drove down here to day. John paid up his Cash Account to me. $9.50. which included this months Assm't & dues for A.O.U.W. John went down to Everton for a bag of flour. they started home after getting early tea, taking with them a barrell of hard wood ashes 2 bags apple and a pig he bought from Willie. {in margin} John McKenzie and Bella visit us to day - John pays up all arrearages of A.O.U.W. to this month inclusive - === 25 26 Wednesday=== Rather high wind to day, but drying up the ground which, at the present time is much needed. it keeps cold however and there is very little signs of vegetation. I helped Willie this forenoon to cut up a fallen cherry tree in the bush into 12 feet saw logs, and we loaded them on the trucks and brought them up to the house before dinner. Willie took them down to the Mill afternoon - I drove down to Hugh Black's this afternoon to see about the Usherwood embroglio. Mr Black thinks I am safe enough in allowing him to sue and that I would be allowed my account. Minnie and I had tea with Mrs Black - Hugh & his Brother John left while we were there, to help fix up the beams on their new addition at the meeting house. Minnie stays at Everton with Mary, and I called, while on my way home, to see old Mr Loree who is now very low. he was sitting on a chair when I went there and Shaw & Mrs Loree lifted him in to bed. {in margin} four cherry logs to mill to day. Minnie & I drive sown to Hugh Black's - called to see old Mr Loree.