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== MAY 1888 1893== === 3 4 Thursday=== The weather does not yet take up so as to dry off the land for working. the Boys have both been sowing working. Johny gang plowing and Willie has sowed some mixed crop for the first sown on either place. Maggie and her mother have been papering the pantry - the work of clearing everything out and placing them all back again took up a large per centage of the time. I helped them quite a while to cut paper and paste &c. Willie drove down to Everton afternoon to get the cherry lumber that Mr Hortop promised to have ready to day. he got dissapointed however, as the mill broke down yesterday. Colin Campbell drove to Guelph to day and I sent a message to Petrie but he failed to see him. {in margin} Spring weather much needed - first sowing down to day. repapering pantry - === 4 5 Friday === Weather dry but dull and not as drying as we would like. Johny has sowed some mixed seed on his turnip ground. we cut some straw and hay at Johny's this morning with the one team. Willie's Boy & Ewart & Johny & I comprised the party. Maggie & her Mother papered the hall and stair way to day. Ewart & I cut some branches off the apple trees in our front orchard with the cross cut, and along in the afternoon we hitched on the colt to Willie's Cart and drove down to Rockwood. we got some lime for whitewashing and saw John Innes re, the Relief Society . he sent in the names of Mrs Dunbar & Margaret sometime ago. I applied to Eli Stout for Money for Alex start in business. he promised to have it for us if required. === 5 6 Saturday=== Continues dry but cold, a little improvement to what has been prevailing. Ewart and I have been working in the orchard pruning and cutting up the limbs of the apple trees. I helped to fix up the lounge by greying the springs &c. Maggie & her Mother covered it anew in the bottom & end, and, I think, made a good job of it. Willie has been plowing sod with the 3 horses. Johny has finished plowing his sod in upper field and commenced to cultivate with Rob. Mortons cultivator. == 6 7 Sunday== A very fine day. beautiful sunshine and warm. this, I think, has been the finest day of the season so far. Ewart drove the girls twice to Everton. I walked over to Toltons, had dinner there. Bessie is again unwell from a sore throat. I walked over to Dunbar's but he was at Ospringe. Margaret & I paid Mortons a visit after supper, but we had to take another before we returned.