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== MAY 1888 1893== === 17 18 Thursday=== Weather cleared up once more - we shook and cleaned the carpet this morning and Maggie and her mother laid it down before dinner. Ewart and I planted out the raspberrie slips and the currants, and Margaret and I afterwards worked at cleaning the strawberries of the weeds, dandelion &c. === 18 19 Friday=== Weather keeps dry and the ground is improving very much in condition for working. Willie called us up this morning on finding the pony in a very bad state. she had been trying to foal and failed. the colt dead and from her own struggles and condition it seems doubtful whether she will get over the ordeal or not. Willie drove over to see Mr Ashley about her and returned before dinner. he sent medicine and directions how to treat her. === 19 20 Saturday=== Weather fine, the ground is getting more fit to work on. I was up all night with the mare. she passed a fairly tolerable time, although giving evidence of some pain. she eats well but does not get up on her feet. I drove over to see Mr Ashley and he thinks since she eats so well. she may get around all right again. I paid Mr Wood $2.00 for John McKenzie & self Assmts A.O.U.W. Maggie and her mother finished sowing the onions this forenoon. {in margin} Paid $2.00 A.O.U.W.Assm'ts - === 20 21 Sunday=== Fine day. the pony passed a bad night in the past. Willie drove over for Ashley and as soon as he came he gave it as his opinion that she would not get better. he considered the injury to her back would take her off. he is staying all night and commenced experiments on the pony to meet any possibility of her getting better -