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== MAY 1888 1893== === 21 22 Monday=== Very fine day and warm. I was sitting up all night with the pony. Mr Ashley and Mr Coffey were up also till after 12 oclock. I had a terrible night as she seemed to get very much worse and became terribly restless & uneasy. as soon as Mr Ashley got up, he said it would be better to see her at rest, so we got Robert Jestin to shoot her - we all feel the loss of her more than attaches to our ordinary stock, on account of the years of faithful service she has given. I am terribly tired and worn out with want of sleep and hard tugging with her. Willie and I dug a grave for her and her colt in the field behind the Barn, and covered them up before dinner. I went to Everton and got 2 Bags Bran 70cts - Minnie went with me. === 22 23 Tuesday=== Very warm this forenoon. and just a little before noon there came up a terrible thunder cloud accompanied with heavy wind & rain. I was sorting the potatoes in the turnip house and it became so dark I could not see to work. the fences around have been badly thrown down and several barn roofs are blown off & wrecked. among them are Richd Symott's Barn, the old Barn of the late John Stewart, Wm Barbers &c. the Boys sold their hogs to be delivered next Monday at Rockwood. John Farrier bought them for Scott. price $6.50. I feel a lettle better for a good sleep last night. Margaret & I drove over to Toltons after tea. Bella has been very ill. the doctor having been called twice. she is a little better to day although yet very poorly. she looks very bad but I hope she may soon take a turn to get better === 23 24 Wednesday=== A very fine day although the air is cool. the grass has made considerable progress notwithstanding all the wet, cold and backward weather. I notice too that the early sown grain is well forward for the time it has been sown. Ewart & Minnie took a run up to McKenzies to day. they are in their usual except that the baby is not very well. Willie finished seeding to day. at noon he ran the Gale Harrow over our early potatoe land, and we planted them (12 bags) - Johny finished plowing his rough peice over the creek and harrowed it. he has yet to sow it and has the beaver meadow peice to plow and sow besides. Maggie and her mother sowed the most of the garden seeds to day. Mr Webb brought us up some "pop corn" for planting -