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== JUNE 1888 1883== === 78 Thursday === Splendid weather. the crops are growing on apace, and notwithstanding, the great amount of rain we have had this Season, a little rain would do no harm now. I have hoed the greater part of the nearest block of onions this afternoon. the ground is very hard. Margaret helped me some toward the end. we got early tea and she & I made ready to go to the Everton Cemetery. we took with us the lawn mower, spade, rake, some water in a jug, and a lot of flowers in pots &c. it took us quite a time to get the plot all fixed up when we afterwards went down for the mail. Edw. Abbott is thought by the doctors to be some better and may possibly have got the turn for betterness. we got 16 plants of fine Tomatoes to night from Jane Abbott. {in margin} hoeing the Onion Beds. after tea Margaret and I drove down to Everton and fixed the grave plots. === 8 9 Friday=== Warm to day but the wind has been pretty strong which has kept the air cooler than it would have been otherwise. John Smallhorn has been helping all day at Willies at the drawing out of the manure. I also helped them as John could not keep Willie going, the field being convenient to the barn, he was not long on being on hand always for the next load. there was a large number of loads taken out and the turnip land covered, and 2 loads to the good for the corn. two travelling sheep shearers shore Willie's 7 sheep for 35cts. Johny and his Boy have been drawing out their manure to day, as Willie has concluded to plow in that he has drawn - John will now be at liberty to help Johny tomorrow. the girls and their Mother drove up to McKenzies to day. they are all well. {in margin} Willie drawing out the manure - John Smallhorn and U have helped him. Willie's sheep shore - the girls & Mother up to McKenzies. === 9 10 Saturday=== Not so hot as has prevailed for some days. somewhat close for awhile in the forenoon however, and this evening there is thunder and threatnings of a storm. I have been working in the kitchen garden. Maggie & her Mother & I have cut out all the weeds in the one block of onion rows. I also wheeled out some barrow loads of ashes on the patch of ground above the garden and gang plowed it at noon. we planted out 16 Tomatoe plants we got from Janet Abbott. Willie has been plowing in the dung on the turnip land. Johny Rafferty spreading a good deal of it. John Smallhorn has helped Johny at his manure drawing to day. {in margin} planted Tomatoes - hoeing the Onion Bed. Willie plowing turnip land. John Smallhorn with Johny - === 10 11 Sunday=== A very fine growing day after the rain of last night. I was very little out to day feeling tired . the rain this morning and the threatning appearance of the weather kept the girls at home forenoon - after tea Ewart and them went to Everton Margaret & I took a walk down to Webb's in the evening. I wrote a letter this afternoon to Alex and sent it down with the girls for mailing. {in margin} wrote letter to Alex. Visiting at Webb's.