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== JUNE 1888 1893== === 14 15 June=== A terribly hot day, and very close. the musquitos have bitten badly all day. I worked at post hole digging awhile this forenoon and placing the posts for the hen yard. it was so hot that very little headway could be made. after dinner Willie and his team drew out 4 loads of dung, the scrapings of the shed, on to our own feed corn ground. I helped . Johny has also started to his. after tea they drove down to Heffernan's corner with their mares to see Joe Atwells stallion "Montana". I went down with Willie. the horse is a Thorough bred and considered to be a good one although he is lean in flesh. the Boys are intending to use him. {in margin} digging post holes - drawing manure onto our corn ground. drove down to Heffernans. === 15 16 Friday=== A very close and hot day again. casting up clouds, which, however, brought us rain. I plowed this forenoon in Willie's turnip land while he went up to Jeenies folks with her. after coming home Willie plowed in our corn. Johny Rafferty planted it in every third furrow - I do not feel like working to day - am long in getting free of my cold and {illegible} wearing my undertaking in consequence which is very burdensome. we used 40 lbs of corn out oif the first purchase and find that not enough - we got more (31 lbs) from Robt. McWilliams. I used 12 lbs of it making in our patch 53 lbs used. about 70 rods of ground. Willei used 42 lbs on 96 rods, and Johny used 44 of his own & 19 of R. McWilliams for about 80 rods.{in margin} "Ida Queen" calved to day a roan heifer calf. {illegible} little {Je}rsey to {J}ohny's Bull - corn sowed for feed - === 16 17 Saturday=== An extemely hot & sultry day, which culminated in a thunder storm and great down pour of rain. I worked at the hen yard posts this forenoon and put in the 7 posts next the front. the heat was most oppressive. after dinner Ewart & I hitched up the colt to the cart and drove up to McKenzies. we had no rain of any consequence up there but we could see that down home they were getting a heavy rain. Mrs McKenzie is down at Wm Burns this past week and expects to remain still another. John's crops look fairly well - we left for home at 8 oclock. Willie has been at Guelph to day. he had a bag of potatoes and wool. 18cts for his wool without docking and a dollar for the potatoes. he got his turnip seed & hungarian grass seed and a box of celery plants for me. Lizzie was with him. Willie had Mrs Cawthra's horse & the Boy gang plowed his turnip land with his own team. {in margin} working at the hen yard. drove up to McKenzies afternoon - Willie drove to Guelph got celery plants - === 17 18 Sunday=== Another very warm day. the atmosphere is very close and sultry. I kept the house a great part of the day, reading & resting. the girls went to Everton twice. Ewart also in the evening. I took a walk afternoon (on about noon) to Duffields looking over his crops &c. in the evening took a stroll to the back of the place - the crops are doing finely in this hot moist weather. {in margin} girls twice to Everton - reading & resting under the heat -