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== JUNE 1888 1893== === 21 22 Thursday=== Rather a dark threatning sort of a day. there was some sunshine forenoon but, on the whole it has been lowering, and a breeze keeps the air cool. Ewart has not yet gone to school - he is some better to day however he helped me to put on the stretchers on the posts forming the hen yard. I had to go down with the team to get some cedar poles that I prepared in wintertime for that purpose. Willie has been hauling out some manure on the ground he intends sowing with hungarian grass seed. he finds his turnip land badly run together and soaked with yesterday's rain and, he hardly knows how to work it up again. Margaret & I drove down to Everton this evening. Abbotts are some better, so also is Maggie Robertson although she is a sick girl yet. she had both inflammation of the Bowels & lungs. Our Maggie is yet ailing. {in margin} Ewart at home these days unwell. putting on stretchers for hen yard - sickness at Everton & Robertsons - our own folks complaining - === 22 23 Friday=== Very fine day. a coolish north wind has blown stiffly the most of the day, and the temperature is made more enjoyable during this heated term. we heard last night at Everton that John McKenzie has blood poisoning in his arm so I drove up there to day to see him. I found it was true enough. Dr Dow, of Bellwood, is treating it. they are poulticing it night & day and applying hot fomentations. they think it some better now and hope the disease is checked. I got Johny's Jeenie mare and with our colt drove up the democrat thinking to get some picketing as I returned. Lymott had none cut however, and, as he had the mill shut down on account of shoving up his logs from the dam I had to come home without. I ordered 400 feet which I will go for as soon as I can. Willie is cultivating his turnip land over again. the rain having baked it up. Johny is also preparing his turnip land. the late terrible rains make the land unworkable. we have been getting much more than our share of rain. {in margin} I drive up to John McKenzies - he is laid up again with blood poisoning in his arm. came home by way of Lymotts Mill - Boys at work with their turnip land. === 23 24 Saturday=== Rather a hot day and thunder clouds passing around. Margaret and I were early astir this morning and started off to Guelph just at seven oclock. the cold drove finely and was very little over (if any) the 2 hours in going in. Margaret had 24 lbs of butter & 19 1/2 dozen eggs. 12c for the eggs. 15 & 16 for the butter. I settled the interest on the 500 to Hobson, getting hs receipt . $27.50. I bought a bird cage & tongs 50c. 200 cabbage plants. 50 celery. we had our dinner at Toltons and they agree to board Ewart the three days he is trying for entrance to high school. on our returning homewards we saw a large black cloud ahead of us and judged the rain might be falling {illegible} we found our surmise correct and the ground had got another soaking. Dep. Ba{illegible} ordered out the cattle on Wednesday next - Willie's Steers & Pet McDonald's go from here - {in margin} Guelph sundrie purchases. Marketing of Butter and eggs. Paid cash to Hobson - fat cattle ordered out next Wednesday - === 24 25 Sunday=== Warm to day and thunder clouds again passing around. Ewart and his mother drove up to McKenzies to day. Willie & Jeenie also drove there. we are all glad to find that John's arm is some better. they poulticed it night & day up to now and the doctor seeing it to day, they may now quit. at McKenzies they had a terrible hail storm as they were hitched up to start home. it frightened the horses and they had a hard job to keep them from breaking their ties and running away. I was home all day all alone. Johny & Lizzie went to Ospringe and the girls walked to Everton. Johny Rafferty went to McDermotts. "Jersey" cow taken again to day. not right. mistaken on the 16th. {in margin} Ewart and his mother drive up to McKenzies. Willie & Jeenie also. hail storm up there. I am at home all alone. "Jersey cow"