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== JUNE - JULY 1888 1893== === 28 29 Thursday=== A warm day. although there were thunder clouds around none broke down on us. I scuffled our late potatoes this afternoon, also the raspberry patch. Willie scuffled our early potatoes, and Johny Rafferty helped at hoeing them. Willie & Johny have been at Goffe's raising the most of the day. we hoed up to tea time when I hitched up and drove over to Ospringe & Everton. Margaret went with me. we sold 22 Boxes strawberries. 7 Boxes 50c to Chs. Anderson - 7 for 50c Joseph Reid. 3, 25c John Hawkins, and 5 for 30c to Mrs Heffernan - got empty Boxes home again. got 100 of flour $1.50 paid for it. the girls picked other 6 Boxes strawberries after we left this evening. {in margin} scuffling potatoes & raspberry patch. hoeing potatoes - selling strawberries - got 100 of flour $1.50 paid for it. === 29 30 Friday=== Continues hot and dry with the exception that some thunder clouds passing round may empty themselves at no great distance away. this season is rather remarkable for that. local showers prevail and some localities get a good deal more than their share. I hitched up the colt and buggie and Maggie and I drove to Guelph to day. we sold 10 Boxed strawberries to mr Haskin, in passing, for 70cts. we took a basket holding about 6 or 7 Boxes to Mrs David Tolton. Ewart got free from his entrance examination about noon. although proffered hard, Mrs Tolton would not except any pay for Ewart's board while at his examinations. the volunteers arrived by the train while we were there and I saw them going through a number of their exercises. I paid $4.60 as interest on the Abbott note which falls due next June. Maggie bought some dry goods. I bought a piece of remnant for a pair of pants 2 1/2 yds 75cts. John McKenzie & Bella & baby are here to night. {in margin} Maggie and I to Guelph to day. drove in to get Ewart. settled for interest - sold strawberries - volunteers - entrance examination. === July 30 1 Saturday=== Hot again to day and the land is drying on top and getting dusty notwithstanding all the rain we have had. this forenoon was particularly close and sultry - I did not feel able to move round at all hardly this forenoon and spent the time with the visitors in the house. Willie & Jeenie drove off this morning to Mimosa & Hillsburgh to spend their holiday, Dominion Day. the McKenzies started off home about 3 P.M. Margaret and I drove down to Everton this evening and took the lawn Mower, rake and other fixings & flowers and with Mary's help trimmed up the grave plot. afterwards went down for the mail matter before retuening home. {in margin} John McKenzie & Bella here to day & last night. Margaret & I fixed up the grave plot this evening - === July 12 Sunday === Very warm and sultry. I walked over to Toltons and had dinner with them and afterwards went over to Dunbars. A good many visitors came there while I was there. I suppose on account of hearing that Mrs Dunbar had been very poorly. she is now some better. A rain cloud came along and I walked home before dark and got wet by it. the girls were at meeting this forenoon.{in margin} walked over to Toltons & Dunbars - Mrs Dunbar poorly.