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== JULY 1888 1893== === 2 3 Monday=== A tremendous thunder storm visited us this morning between 3 & 4 oclock. there was considerable rain, it has been a fine clear day however throughout and the air is much cooler this evening than usual. Richard McWilliam's Barn was struck this morning by the lightning but fortunately did not take fire. there was evidence of some fire over in Erin after the storm. I was over to Tolton's and got the frame of a storm door made. the lightning struck and old tree near by their house, directly on the line between them and Smith Awrey, and nearly opposite their house. Ewart gale harrowed our early potatoes this evening. there was 21 Boxes Strawberries picked to day. Johny has staked and fixed the greater part of his share of the line fence between him and Willie. they are both down this afternoon helping Willie Theaker place the sleepers on his Barn. {in margin} tremendous thunder & lightning - struck Richd McWilliams Barn. a building burnt over in Erin. I have been over at Toltons & had a screen door made. scuffled potatoes - === 3 4 Tuesday=== A fine day. the air is cooler since the storm of thunder & lightning. Ewart gale harrowed our early potatoes and Willie set them up with the plow and we hoed the soil round them. I got Ewarts help and we picketed the lane side of the hen yard. Willie has been working at the line fence getting it straightened up and preparing the stakes for driving - Margaret & I made a ghastley find in the back field this morning, having missed 12 large goslings we looked back there for them and found 5 or 6 lying mutilated by some wild animal. Jeenie has also one of her smaller ones gone making 13 in all. {in margin} gale harrowing the early potatoes. nailing on the pickets on hen yard - 13 goslings killed. === 4 5 Wednesday=== Rain again this morning and we were some time before deciding that I would drive up to McKenzies for Bella. the appearances getting more favorable I drove up there and John & I drove up to the Martin homestead and gave it an inspection with the view of John renting it. John has made up his mind to give up his present place as he finds it hard to make anything on it and Mr Armstrong gave him liberty to leave before his term was up, which would be yet another year. we found they have a very comfortable homestead. the farm is very light soiled, however and hilly at that. John would like a better farm but, he may make a bargain with them. he gets till the 1st of August to decide. we returned to John's about 1 oclock and after dinner Bella accompanied me home. Ewart & I hoed some potatoes and Willie helped us stretch the wire on top of the hen yard fence. Willie has been building and fixing up the line fence between he and Johny.{in margin} a drive up to McKenzies and an inspection of the Martin homestead with a view of John renting. Bella came down with me. line fence fixing