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== JULY 1888 1893== === 5 6 Thursday=== A very fine day. overcast for some time but, no rain. the Annual excursion of the S.S. of Everton & Rockwood &c came off to day, and a good many of our neighbors are at it. Ewart & I have been hoeing awhile at the potatoes. I also hung the screen door in the front of the house. we also made the picket gate for the hen yard and set it up so as to let the hens out into the yard. Fred broke his poke and we had another to make. Ewart and Minnie drove down to Everton after tea and got the mail. Miss Cockburn came to sew to day. Bella, Maggie and Jeenie have all, by turns, been helping her. they consider Miss Cockburn a very clever dressmaker, good in her taste & design and very fast in her work. she charges 75cts per day which is a little more than the ordinary charge but she seems to be worth more. {in margin} S.S. Excursion Everton and Rockwood to Toronto - Ewart and I fixing around. Miss Cockburn came to sew. === 6 7 Friday=== A very fine day but rather close and sultry. Ewart and I have finished hoeing the potatoes to day. they were very hard to do. the ground was very hard and foul with weeds making it very hard work to clean the land and soften it round the potatoes. the hens are having the benefit of the yard to day for the first. Mrs Albert Tolton and her Sister Bessie Thomson paid us a visit to day. Albert is working at road jobs these times. Miss Maggie Patterson is getting a dress cut and fitted by Miss Cockburn who does that extra work after hours. {in margin} Ewart and I finished hoeing the potatoes - Mrs Albert Tolton and her sister visit us to day. === 7 8 Saturday === A little cooler through the day and much cooler in the evening. there was quite a thunder storm through the night accompanied with wind & rain. we had not nearly so much as the Everton vicinity where injury was done to buildings &c. Wm Barber's barn roof again unroofed. Loree's old log barn blown down. Joseph Benhams old barn unroofed. Robt. Talbot's driving house blown off its foundation. Ewart & I have been working with the team, plowed the waste of land where the raspberries were planted, gale harrowed the potatoes and corn afterwards spudded thistles in the evening I drove over Miss Cockburn to her home near the old " Grove Inn". called for the mail on returning. {in margin} heavy storm of wind and thunder, lightning & rain. damaged done in the neighborhood. took Miss Cockburn home this evening. === 8 9 Sunday=== A very fine day. John McKenzie drove down from home this morning and went to Everton Meeting with Bella & the Baby. Afternoon they all returned and were accompanied by George Loree & Mary. John & Bella started off for home after tea. Maggie went up with them to stay a week or so. {in margin} Bella away home again to day. Maggie away with them.