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== JULY 1888 1893== === 12 13 Thursday === A hot day, and sultry - I took a walk down to see Willie's fall wheat and I see there is a little rust on it. I have been anxious to see it ripen up without getting rusted as the crop gives promise of being good. we finished hoeing the onoins and pretty nearly finished hoeing up the ground of the young strawberries. we got dinner a little on the early side and the three of us, Minnie and her mother & I went off in the buggie to attend the funeral of Mrs Wm Burns. on reaching Everton, we reached Hugh Blacks before the rain started. 2 oclock was the hour to lift, but they put it off till about 1/2 past 3. it was a large funeral, and we waited till they came along, turning at Maude's yard. we had tea at Abbotts before coming home. Geo. Loree paid me seven dollars for Mrs Peavoy's rent - he ch.-four dollars for paper and a dollar for Hanbidge putting on the window. {in margin} looking at the fall wheat and sorry to see the rust start on it. hope it may not continue - hoeing onions & strawberries - Margaret &I drove down to Blacks to attend the funeral of Mrs Wm Burns - Minnie also goes as far as Everton. rain. Mrs Peavoy's money from G. Loree. $12.00 in all with what he expended. === 13 14 Friday=== An extremely hot and sultry day - the heat of the sun has been so great as to make it almost sickening to work out in it. I have had a lot of tinkering to do to day when cutting the lawn - the grip on the end of the handle gave way and had quite a job fastening it on with wire, also fixing the harness with wire Willie helped me. I sowed Willie's rape seed, put on about 3 lbs broadcast on an acre. Sowed it right & left at about 3 1/2 paces. got Johny to mould up our potatoes after tea. Johny is not well. hearing that Mary is continuing unwell I hitched up the colt and Margaret and I drove down to see her. I also bought a bag of shorts and paid for it 70c - the doctor was to see Mary to day. he says she must keep quiet in order to keep from vomiting. she seems quite poorly. {in margin} greatest heat of the Season. cutting lawn and fixing up the lawn mower. sowed rape seed for Willie. got a bag of shorts for the pigs paid 70cts for it. Mary unwell. === 14 15 Saturday=== Continues very hot, although there is a breeze to day which makes the heat more tolerable than yesterday. I hoed and fixed up about the half of our potatoes and as Willie needed my hoe as he has started to thin his turnips I let him have my hoe and I sharpened the scythe and cut the tops off the thistles in our grain patch - Willie moulded up his potatoes and Johny & his boy are thinning their turnips. Johny & Lizzie were down to Everton this evening seeing Mary and to lodge. Johny has sold his cow & steer for a very low price. 92 dollars with a possibility of 95 if meeting a good market. {in margin} hoeing potatoes - Willie begun to thin his turnips - Johny sold his fat cattle - === 15 16 Sunday === The heat has somewhat lessened but it is yet very warm. I drove Mother down to Mary's this morning. Johny brought us word that Mary was very poorly - we found her very unwell. Ewart & Minnie drove up to McKenzies and brought home Maggie with them. I was at home alone and Johny Rafferty alone at Willies. I wrote a letter Alex. Mass. and the girls took it to Everton this evening. {in margin} I drove Mother down to Mary's - Minnie and Ewart up to McKenzies - wrote a Letter to Alex Holyoke -