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== AUGUST 1888 1893== === 2 3 Thursday === Hot & dry to day. the flies have been going hard for the horse. John McKenzie started off in the buggie in good time this morning for Nassagawea, we drove first to Alan Ramsay's place to see about his farm, which we heard would be for rent. the matter of renting however, is yet unsettled as the present tenant has not decided to leave without he cannot get the place at a certain price and Mr Ramsay to do some fixings to the buildings. we then drove down to see Samuel Ramay's place, calling at and getting dinner at Samuel Scott's. S. Ramsay is not sure yet whether his place will be to rent or not. it depends whether his sons decide to go to Manitoba or not. A's place is at $225.00 and S's at $175.00. we had tea with Bella Webb and returned home latish to find that Ewart had met a serious accident by falling off the colt while running away with him. Willie went for the Dr to Everton in ten minutes. {in margin} John McKenzie & I drive down to see Ramsay's farms. disnot deal with either - Ewart met an accident which might have proved serious while we were away. === 3 4 Friday=== Continues hot & dry. we are much wishing for rain. everything is being badly parched up now. I helped Willie to mow away 2 or 3 loads of fall wheat to day. also helped Johny in with 2 or 3 loads of loose barley from the reaper. I worked up to 4 oclock when I quit and made ready to go meet Brother Alex. at Erin at 7.33. I just got there to see the train a little ahead of me. we staid awhile at the Village and then had a fine drive home in the cool evening. we had to ford the river both times as the bridge builders stripped away the old bridge yesterday. we are in good hopes that Ewart has not sustained any serious injury by his fall off the horse yesterday, as he is around this afternoon. it seems almost miraculous how he escaped being killed when looking at the place where he was found. at the foot of a post, his head near a large stone & his Back near another smaller one, and unconscious for some time. {in margin} helped Willie to mow away some fall wheat. also helped Johny in with some lose barley - drove over to meet Bro Alex. at the C.P.R. Erin. === 4 5 Saturday=== Hot and dry as usual. indications of rain around but none here. Bella & Maggie McKenzie drove down to see us to day. Mr Henry Dunbar drove over to see about Ewart this morning. Brother Alex. rode over to Toltons with him. I drove Maggie McKenzie down to Usherwood and went down again for her afternoon. afterwards drove our rig over to Toltons for Bro Alex. and went to Everton before unhitching. the bridge builders laid the mud Sill in centre bent to day and I saw that it was laid on a solid foundation - {in margin} Bella & Maggie McKenzie, Henry Dunbar calls over to hear about Ewart - mud sill laid at the Bridge - === 5 6 Sunday=== Dry & hot as ever until everything parched, the grain I fear will be light on account of the extreme heat & drouth. Bro. Alex & I took a walk down to see Jno Webbs awhile today, and took another stroll up to Jestins evening - the girls had their usual turn to Everton. {in margin} Bro. Alex and I visiting a little round -