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== AUGUST 1888 1893== === 9 10 Thursday === An awfully hot day. really this weather appears to be fit to burn up everything and the parched state of all green vegitation causes general concern. grasshoppers are more general this summer than for many years past and in some places are doing a great deal of harm to growing crops & turnips. Johny took in the last of his barley to day. Willie was helping him. I drew a load of rails and prepared the stakes for fencing in the calf in the little orchard. Ewart is having a soft time just now in anticipation of his early leaving us. he wants to see some of the folks before he bids good bye to Canada for awhile. {in margin} terribly hot & dry - Johny took in the last of his barley - drawing stake & rails to make a fence against the calf in the orchard - === 1011 Friday === An extremely hot day. the thermometer, I hear, stood from 95 to 100 in the shade to day. it was really sickening. the terrible heat. Ewart & the girls & I drove to Guelph to day. they sat at Burgess for their photographs, and I paid him $2.50 for them. also paid him 50cts for another 1/2 doz. of little Willie McKenzies photo. I changed Ewarts trunk for a valise as we fear the trunk would not work well on the excursion. we think we will have to go by the "Grand Trunk" as we could not be sure of getting back to Toronto by the Boat on the 15th. quite a nice shower in Guelph about 2 or 3 oclock with thinder. on returning home we found that much more rain had fallen in our neighborhood, which was a very welcome circumstance. the air is much cooler and things are greatly freshened up. near Guelph the dust was little more than laid while out nearer home the puddles were general on the road. Maggie and I were at the hospital and up to see Mrs Mutrie in her room. she seems cheerful. {in margin} at Guelph to day with 2 Buggies. Ewart drove one and I the other. quite a heavy rain at home this evening - not much at Guelph - === 11 12 Saturday=== Weather much improved - since the rain the air is cool and the ground free from the burning dust and all. vegitation freshened up. what a transformation is brought about by the welcome rain. the roots were greatly in need of the moisture especially the potatoes and turnips. Willie fixed in false girts in the barn so as to lower the scaffold. Johny helped him. I built the fence in the little orchard and wired the stakes. I drove down to Everton in time to meet the stage and get a loaf of bread for our travelling lunch. got a card from Bro. Alex. announcing his safe arrival home. renewed receipt for insurance on Mrs Peavoy's house for which I shall have to pay $3.00. {in margin} a fall of much needed Rain. a card from Bro. Alex. informing us as of his safe arrival home - insuring Mrs. Peavoy's house - === 12 13 Sunday=== Very fine weather. John McKenzie and Bella drove down this morning. the Baby is thriving nicely and is very peacable and contented. I have got from John all the information necessary to find out the Campbells at Niagra falls. the girls went to Everton in the forenoon, and Walter McWilliams drove them up to Mimosa tis evening. quite a few callers to bid Ewart good bye. {in margin} John McKenzie and Bella down to day - girls to Mimosa.