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== AUGUST 1888 1893== === 13 14 Monday=== A very fine morning. cool and pleasant. we were up early (1/2 past 4) and got ready for Guelph - the train is due to start from Guelph at 10.20, and Ewart and his Mother and I started from here about 1/2 after 7. we called up to see Mrs Mutrie in going in, and were on hand in good time. I left the horse (Fred) at the American in charge of William Marshall who is hostler there. the agent granted the 1/2 ticket for Ewart and our own came to $4.40. we were delayed so long in Hamilton that we had no more time than to make connection with the train for Ewart on the other side - the confusion and turmoil of so many trains threw me somewhat off my guard and accepted a ticket for Ewart necessitating him to go to Buffalo and change on to the New York Central - while by the "West Shore" there would have been no such change, however, he went off on the "Michigan Central" for Buffalo where he would then change for the Albany train and we hope to hear of his safe arrival at Holyoke. after getting Ewart away, Margaret & I left the Railway Station and made for the street Cars and after boarding them the conductor left us at a street and pointed the way to Alderman William Campbells. we were not long in finding him out. he was from home but Mrs Campbell was very kind and invited us to stay, but if we did not wish to stay she provided an escort (a little girl) to show us the cars that would take us to malcolm Campbells house, which we did and met Wm Campbell there. we had our tea and a very pleasant time in the evening. Mrs Campbell seemed glad to see us and made every exertion to make us comfortable - they seem to be very comfortably situated. the farm which they work and on which they live is just outside the bustling part of the town, or rather City, and the Street Cars run past the door. there are 240 acres in it. 70 of which is in bush &c the balance under the plow. they are milking about 15 cows and have a large stock of fowls. they speak well of the place for getting along. money seems more plentiful than in Canada, and the produce of the farm commands better prices. at present they speak of 29cts for butter. 1.00 a pair for chickens and other things in proportion - their family consists of 2 little Boys and they have 2 hired men. the house is large and commodious and there was no trouble in finding room for us. if we only knew of our own Boy being all right and arriving safely at his destination we have nothing more to be desired here to complete our contentment and enjoyment. the street cars & R. R. cars run in front of the Campbell residence & the calm Niagara beyond. {in margin} up early this morning and Ewart & his Mother & I off to Guelph for the excursion to Niagara falls. the account of our trip there, and getting Ewart away on the train for Holyoke - === 14 15 Tuesday=== We are this morning located about a mile & half above the Niagara falls by the side of the Niagara river where it has settled down to fine smooth water. we found, on getting up after a fine nights rest, a very beautiful morning. the sun shone brightly and the Niagara river lay like a large Mirror on one side of the beautiful and level landscape - around to the east was all the hum and turmoil of the town of Niagara falls and Susp'n Bridge with the roar of the great Cataract and the busy noise of the different R'y Stations and screaming locomotives. Mr Malcolm Campbell signified his intention of hitching up his horses and driving us around to see the sights and oiled up his rig for doing so, but just when about ready, his Brother John came along wishing his help to fix up his baulky binder and thwarted all his good intentions. Mrs Campbell then stepped into the breach and escorted us all over from about nine oclock up to between one & 2 P.M. when she left us at the G.T.R. Station waiting for the G.T. trains to cross the Bridge. Mrs Campbell paid our way, to which I objected, (30cts) to get a ride down and back on the steep incline to the river below where we visited the Wharf of little Steamer "Maid of the Mist" and the rocks around the foot of the American falls where we were baptized until the water ran of my hat, and my clothes well saturated in the beautiful rainbow. glinting in the Sunshine. after leaving this interesting spot we shot up again on the incline railway, and took in some of the sights from "Prospect Park" - we then engaged a ride for 15cts each on their local line of Carriages taking us to Goat Island and all the Islands in connection, Lund and the 3 Sisters. our remaining 1/2 ticket giving us a ride back again. these Islands and the surrounds formed one of the most enchanting features of our delightful trip. upon arriving back to Prospect Park we {illegible ..essed} the passing of a very imposing procession accompanied with 4 or 5 bands of music{ians?} of a number of societies of the "Ancient Order of Hibernians". we then took the Electric Street Cars for the G. T. D'p't at the Bridge where on arriving at about 1 oclock, we found we had yet about and hour and a half to spare before our train started across the bridge for home. after awhile our kind friend Mrs Campbell who had escorted us all over, parted with us, and after resting & partaking of lunch our thoughts did not so much revert to the many and grand sights we had just witnessed as to the parting of our dear boy the night before on the net work of rails lying before us and in heartfelt solicitude hoping & wondering whether he had safely arrived at his destination. frequent enquiries at the telegraph operator if there were any messages for us. none however came. after crossing the Bridge and having some delay on this side we started for home at about 3 oclock P.M. and changed cars at Harrisburg arriving at Guelph about 7. found our horse all right. paid 50cts for horse keep at "American" and gave 25cts to hostler W. Marshall and called to see Mrs Mutrie who we found much the same as on yesterday, and arived home about 9 oclock all of us anxious for definite knowledge regarding Ewart. {in margin} Niagara falls N.Y. - the account of our visit to and sightseeing of Niagara falls and surrounding and also of our return trip home. 15 16 Wednesday A most beautiful rain last night continues dry and hot although, of course, the shower of a few days ago freshened up things so that we can stand some more of this dry weather again without famishing. we have had to day a visit from David Mitchell and his party, consisting of himself & wife, daughter, two baby boys and sister in law Miss Retta Smith. we had them to dinner & tea and we had a pleasant time with them. they appeared to enjoy their visit very much. all of us for a spell engaging in Croquet playing, music &c - John McKenzie & Bella came down this afternoon also and contributed to the amusement. we are all anxious however in regard to Ewart's safety - and this evening mail has not yet brought us the intelligence we are all so earnestly looking for. our visitors all scattered for home. the Mitchells for their temporary one at Everton, after tea. Johny has been drawing in his peas. indications of oncoming rain spurring them on in increased energy. Willie got in 2 loads of peas when Johny got through - {in margin} David Mitchell and his party have paid us a visit to day. John McKenzie and Bella visit us. Johny taking in his peas. Willie got his started to taking in.