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==SEPTEMBER 1888 1893== === 10 11 Monday=== Continues dry & hot with cool nights. the wind has blown from the east all day and it feels as if an east storm of some kind was brewing. I have been cleaning up the rubbish lately cut and burning it up. I also dug up our early potatoes and Maggie picked them into a pile on the ground - I covered them with straw and earth. Johny is making up a stone boat and I helped him awhile at it this evening. I took a board and hauled it over the onions to break them over so that they may ripen up sooner. Willie cut his hungarian grass to day. we think he has some notion of giving up the place. I told him to day he could have it for another year if he liked . Jeenie is somewhat disconrented. it is hard to make some people otherwise then that. === 11 12 Tuesday=== A very heavy mist was spread over the land this morning and it was some time before it cleared up. the day however broke out afterwards clear and bright and dry and warm as has been prevailing so long. Margaret and I banked up the celery this forenoon. while engaged at it Mrs Andrews and Mrs David Tolton with Miss Bessie and 2 children drove up the road this forenoon. they waved their handkerchiefs and I ran down to see them. they told me they were going to call tomorrow at dinner time. they were on their way farther over to Erin and going to Thomas' for dinner. Johny is busy cleaning up the rough field at the corner. he is getting rid of stumps & stones. === 12 13 Wednesday=== Another dry and hot day although there has been considerable threatning. the Tolton rig came along with the occupants as stated yesterday. they had quite a load of other stuff with them, fruit &c. Bella had come down in the morning so we had quite a company. as the appearances indicated the possibility of rain, the Toltons became uneasy and although they seemed to enjoy their visit still they had a desire to start for home for fear of rain. Bella and the girls drove down to Everton expecting to get word from Alex, but none came to hand. they paid Mary a visit.