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May 1871 Steckley & Johnson Had a part in {Eulogies?} Went to Finlaws after service W. fine Clear 23 Planted corn East of dam I helped to scrub Hebron Chapel PM went to B S after supper. W. Cool Clear 24 I & W Cut rail timber AM All went fishing to big rouge P D & his little boy Ike Davis. W & D & little Johny & Flavius Caught 15 fish had more fun than fish I went to Burrows this evening Cent has the Mange. W. fine & Clear 25 Took buggy to B S to get Tires set & broken spring fixed AM helped fill dung PM. W began drawing on fallow south half of North West corner field & beech tree knoll W. very warm fine Thunder Shower tonight after dark 26 boys drew dung I Chored & Cut seed potatoes Shot a woodchuck in Scarboro pastures W. fine Clear 27 washed sheep at Flavius's AM put in new {illegible} post at field near Hoover's & fixed fence at Creek at Townline & dug garden I brought home buggy after supper W. fine Clear Sunday 28 Went to Meeting at Wideman's Sermons on St Mat 26 C by by Revd Brubacher of Pensylvania on St Mat 27 C by Revd T Moyer of Clinton about 26 Visiting Brethren illegible were Present at the Conference on Friday May 1871 June Lords supper was Celebrated Today. Went to S Lehmans after service JDs my mother & Susan Burkholder at Br Cs here to meeting with us today Whit Monday 29 Meeting & Celebration of Lords supper at Hebron Revds T Moyer S Weaver of Waterloo C Gayman of Cayuga & J{illegible} Wideman & Br C were Present & Deacon Wismer of Clinton. a good many Visitors after service T Moyer C Gayman & wife J{illegible} Wideman & wife & his Mother inlaw. Altona Saml Groves & wife MN's & Simon Hoovers wife S Lehman's & JH Ramer's! {illegible Finlaws Br S's & Samuel Weaver & wife from Waterloo & John Gayman & T Wideman were here PM W. very warm & Close Thunder Showers passed over PM 30 Planted Potatoes. W. very very warm fine rain started at bedtime didn't rain much 31 W harrowed sod fallow south of lane I killed Calf & shot large woodchuck! Chuck in the {barn? rain? brain?} with my rifle AM Took grist barley chop to Cedar Grove Mills after supper W. very warm June 1 had JB with Br Cs team & RW F to help draw dung on fallow got it nearly Covered W. very warm. Shower much needed 2 boys drew dung {hung?} our pigs CB's & Br C's & I clipped our sheep (12) & Put lime on Corn W. very warm

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