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== SEPTEMBER 1888 1893== === 20 21 Thursday=== Another very fine day. I spent quite a time getting a pole to make a trough for the barn eve over the drinking trough in shed. also fixing at shed roof - Henry Duffield is threshing with Joseph Dunbars Steamer. Johny & Willie are both helping him. at night they complained of having been over rought. they cleaned out the barn, which usually took about double the time and did not provide any additional help. I drove down to Everton for the mail this evening, got a letter from Ewart and one from Alex. McGregor. === 21 22 Friday=== Continues beautiful weather. I am chronicling the business of a few days past and have made an error in stating that Duffield threshed yesterday. it should have been credited for this day. I have had to turn in the gang plow. Willie left Johny Rafferty to plow and he only started when the plow rode over a small stone and in the concussion of righting itself again an important part of its makeup got broken. the cogged part for raising and lowering . we then hitched to Johny's plow, and as Johny Rafferty did not seem to be doing good work, I staid till 1/2 past four. === 22 23 Saturday=== Beautiful weather, but cooller than has usually prevailed. I finished up all the new shingles patching and also laid a good many old ones over the ragged part of the roof. Willie plowed in our south front field to day. Henry Duffield helped Willie kill a sheep for the threshing on Monday. I sharpened a saw for John Webb this evening. and Margaret & I drove over to see Mrs John Mutrie after tea. Mrs Muitrie is comparitely cheerful although she muct be cognizant of her impending doom. === 23 24 Saturday=== Hard frost last night. a good many of the tender flowers are cut. the girls were twice at Everton to day. it has been cold though fine. I walked over to see Sister Bella and after getting dinner called at Dunbars on my way home. John McKenzie & Bella visited McCutcheons and called for tea on their way home. Johny & Lizzie drove over to John Mutries this afternoon. {in margin} Sister Bella not well at all this last week.