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== OCTOBER 1888 == (William did not change year to 1893) === 1 2 Monday=== Continues dry and very pleasant. beautiful sunshine and warm through the day. cool at night, the frost is very hardsome of these nights. yesterday morning it was very hard. Willie attended Robt. McWilliams threshing this forenoon and Rich'd s afternoon. I looked after Johny Rafferty while he harrowed the remainder of the gtang plowing. he took the harrow home to Duffield's after dinner. Jeenie took Billie away driving over to the Toltons. I cut other 2 rows of the corn, and I helped Johny Rafferty draw some water to the pigs and he helped me draw in the pumpkins about 60 of them big & little. there are between 40 & 50 usable ones, some a good size. === 2 3 Tuesday=== Rather dull to day. looks considerably like rain, although it kept dry all day. I took Willie's place at the threshing to day and Willie plowed in the field behind the orchard. I am anxious to get the plowing done, as Willie is giving up the place and I don't want to buy a team till nearer Spring. Rich'd McWillaims stuff turned well out. there is thought to be considerably over a thousand bushels. there is a large proportion of it oats. it seems like all good stuff. Robert McWillaims has been helping Johny to day to clean out the drain from his cellar. they dug it a foot lower than before and laid the tile and partly filled it in. === 3 4 Wednesday=== A grand rain last night, wish it had only continued. it was dull and threatning the most of thre forenoon but it cleared up fine afternoon. Acton Show is being held to day (2nd day) and no doubt the fine afternoon will be very welcome. I sent a letter to Alex. Holyoke this morning and a card ordering the Mercury to them for a year. After dinner I drove up to Patons for another bunch of shingles. the roof patching is not yet complete without some more fixing. After coming home I plowed for Willie while he made up a place in the stable for his little pigs. Johny drove down to Everton a load of chop . he did not get it home as they can't work for want of water.