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== OCTOBER 1888 1893== === 4 5 Thursday=== A very beautiful day. the sun has shone out most splendidly and the temperature is warm and balmy. I tied up the feed corn this afternoon and worked in the garden some. Margaret has been working among the onions - Willie cleaned up a load of stuff for chop and for flour. Johny has helped Robert McWilliams to open out a long drain. he plowed first and then softens up the underpart with his Ruddelt invention before shovelling. Mrs Morton and Mrs Wm Theaker paid our folks a visit this afternoon . we received a letter from Alex. Holyoke tonight. === 5 6 Friday=== Coudy and threatning this morning. the clouds thickened this afternoon and rain fell moderately for awhile. the wind was high from the south before it rained. Willie attended Coffey's threshing to day. Johny also. Harry Goulding has been plowing for Johny. our plowing stands as Jeenie has used Billie this afternoon. we bagged up 6 bags onions for Guelph tomorrow. Mr & Mrs John Webb paid us a visit this evening. we have much sympathy in common owing to similarity of domestic trouble pending. I intend driving into Guelph tomorrow with the democrat taking Lizzie & Mother with the produce to the market. {in margin} Bagging up onions for Guelph tomorrow. Webbs & ourselves - === 6 7 Saturday=== A very threatning looking morning, and it continued so all forenoon but little or no rain fell. cleared up fine afternoon. we left for Guelph about 7.30 and went in in about 2 hours. sold the Onions almost immediately at a dollar a bag to Penelton. sold the pickles, 50 lbs at 3cts per lb = $1.50. 17 lbs butter at 23c $3.91. 2 dozen & 1/2 eggs at 17c = 43c. Lizzie sold her chickens 6 dozen. 3 pair #1.25. the rest at 50cts per pair. bought some sundries. 2 undershirts woolen shirts for me $1.00. neckties 25c - pr drawers 60cts - we met John McKenzie & Bella who were to the market with potatoes & Butter - the latter 22 !/2 cts per lb. the potatoes 50cts per bag. Willie finished a Coffey's threshing at noon. plowing at upper front field afternoon. {in margin} Guelph market - === 7 8 Sunday=== A very fine day. warmer than for some time past. I walked over this forenoon to sister Bella. she is a little better than she was some days ago that she had a bad turn. John McKenzie & Bella drove down in expectation of getting Mary up with them but, George objected and she did not go. we thought Minnie might have gone but she also kicked. so they had to return as they came. John is going to the Ramsay farm to plow tomorrow and Bella will be alone for awhile.