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== OCTOBER 1888 1893== === 15 16 Monday=== A very fine day. Willie finished up taking up his potatoes to day. I helped him until it was time to start over to John Mutrie's where we have laid out to visit this evening for some time back. on getting our tea on sharp time we started over and found Mrs Mutrie, under the circumstances surprisingly well. it is really wonderful to see her so well as she is. people are beginning to think that surely the doctors are mistaken in thinking her case so hopeless as they have represented. we would all like very much to learn that they have been mistaken. she is quite cheerful. === 16 17 Tuesday=== Beautiful weather. cool a little but very pleasant and clear sunshine - the McDermotts called for me at 1/2 past seven this morning and I was in the Court house the greater part of the afternoon and quite awhile in the forenoon. a breach of promise Case, and a cattle purchasing Case, of the Barbers and a Mr Craft, took up a long time and afterwards about 3 or 4 oclock McDermott's case came on which kept the court busy till nine oclock. the plaintiffs wittnesses were tedious and took long to work up, while McDermott's were soon over with. John McKinnon, Dan Talbot & I respectively attested to the previous good charactor of the accused and a verdict of "Not Guilty" was in a few minutes returned by the jury to the joy of all his friends. === 17 18 Wednesday=== A very pleasant and beautiful day. bright sunshine and clear sky. a little mist has been prevailing lately in the mornings. Willie has plowed in the upper front field. I shovelled out the furrows in the corn patch piece that Willie plowed.