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== OCTOBER 1888 1893 == === 22 23 Monday (296-70) === Very beautiful weather. clear, sunshine and balmy and warm for being so late in the season I have plowed all day with Frank and the colt. it is surprising how tractable and good to plow the colt has got in a day or so. I made rather a short forenoon but in the afternoon the loss was mostly made up. I think the two can plow about an acre a day and not hurt themselves although Frank is very thin. Johnny now thinks it is his teeth that cause the trouble, at one time he thought it might be worms. the boys have both helped Robert Jestin to saw with the Circular this forenoon. Willie plowed in the afternoon in the field behind the orchard, Uncle Thomas Tolton and Auntie Bella paid us a visit to day, Bella is not at all well these times, although she is better than in the past === 23 24 Tuesday (297-69) === Another beautiful day. about 4 oclock P.M. it became somewhat overcast and a very cold west wind sprung up. I have plowed all day from about 9 in the morning. Willie plowed in same field as yesterday till 4 oclock when he hitched up Nettie to go and meet a man who thinks of dealing for her, I then changed Fred for the old mare and Winnie drove to Everton for the mail. A letter received from Alex tells us to meet his wife at Guelph. Thursday at noon. am getting along nicely with the plowing. I gave Robt. McWilliams a note for Sixty dollars on Alex account, payable in six months from last Saturday (21) I sent 50 to Alex and keeps 10 for myself for present use. It is at 8 per cent. Johnny is busy raising spruce and cedar trees and planting. {The rest is written in the left margin next to this date} plowing Letter from Alex. Holyoke gave note to Robert McWilliams on Alex account. $10.00 for Sely. === 24 25 Wednesday (298-68) === Fine day, although cooler than has generally prevailed this some time back. I have plowed a good part of the day, although there was fully two hours. between 2 and 4 oclock P.M. that I helped in with the potatoe to the cellar from the pits. Margaret carried in the contents of 2 pits. and I carried in the 3 large ones. we think there are about 50 bushels of Elephants{?} and about 7 bushels of the {Written above line} part {Back on line} Ohio. the colt and Frank get along fairly well with the plow. Willie has started up his turnips. he pulls and tops and roots them for the market.