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June 1871 3 Nailed some boards on fence opposite Br Cs & made new bars boys finished drawing dung on fallow & drew some on heap back of barn & drew stones off new meadow in west end of big field W. warm heavy thunder storm went round PM. a little rain here. not much Sunday 4 Went to Br S's they were not at home Came back & staid at home all day W. warm thunder shower went round PM 5 Went to Cedar Grove this morning for a Plowshare then nailed on boards Peter Lehman & wife & Miss Nancy Lehman from Clarence County New York were here this evening W. Cooler 6 Finished board nailing this morning. Then dug round some stones in fallow AM Took 8 bus wheat to Cedar Grove Mills PM Spread dung after supper W began breaking fallow yesterday noon. W. pretty warm, like rain tonight 7 Both plowed in fallow. pretty hard. fine little shower last night. 8 Helped Br Cs log. W. Cool. Clear. Cold wind this evening Br. C & Br. N Intend going on a visit to Black Creek tomorrow morning 9 I brought home grist this morning then Plowed finished fallow W. fine. Clear. Br C & N went off this morning. this evening Br Cs oldest daughter {Retuna? Retura?} had a fit she ws subject to them several years ago but not lately until tonight I staid until midnight & she fell asleep June 1871 June 10 Sawed stub on fallow & rolled it up on stump I fired it then chored until noon W brought home rolls from Whitevale Dave hoed Corn Commenced to rain splendid showers at 3 PM. makes things look fine I went to Cobers & Flavius after supper Sunday 11 at home JD's were here. We went to Br C's awhile this evening. W. fine little shower AM. Clear PM 12 I & W took 2 loads soft wood to {Bainbridge?} AM. hoed Corn PM I & AB went fishing to W Milne's with hook & line. Caught only a few had a fine time driving through the creek in the dark. got on a log in the middle of the creek. broke buggy. I jumped into the water. got wet. Patched up buggy & got home at midnight W. Cool 13 Plowed turnip land. W brought a load of Br S's lumber home after supper I intend to take it to the bay tommorrow W. almost Cold. heavy north wind 14 I took 1283 feet Clear Stuff to Bay for Br. S Got {illegible Cent? horse's name} shod after supper W. finished turnip land. W. Cool. slight shower at noon 15 Went to Quilting & barn shingling bee at Simon Hoovers W. showers PM 16 Plowed in sod fallow south of lane W went to Party on 3rd Con Pickering PM & JB helped me Plow. W. Cool clear 17 I & Nancy & My Mother went to Uncle Joes he is not very well. W. East wind. looks like rain

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