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== OCTOBER {Written in} + November 1888 1893 == === 29 30 Monday (303-63) === Hard frost last night the ground was quite hard this morning. I started the plow about nine oclock and plowed steady until about five oclock when on account of John McKenzie and Bella being here, I unhitched the team and came up to supper. I broke my sole plate of the plow and had to get Willie's plow to go on with. Johnny has been drawing in his turnips. he tells me he has nineteen loads in to night. Willie + his boy helped him this forenoon John McKenzie took down 2 bags of stuff & chop for our pigs and he got it back with him again he had some flow for himself. they tell us that Mrs Carter's sister is being married this morning up at Carter's house. they are soon going off to Philadelphia. {The rest is written in the left margin besides the date} plowing John McKenzie + Bella 2 Bags mixed stuff for chop for pigs === 30 31 Tuesday (304-62) === Frost again last night which made the ground quite hard this morning, the day opened out fine however and it lasted throughout. I started to plow about 9 oclock and as I found I had an acre to turn over to finish the field I went at it in earnest and before I completed the head lands it was almost too dark too see to work. The colt has stood the job of plowing that stiff field remarkably well. I have been afraid but the steady hand pulling would be bad for his leg. but, so far, there is no bad effects visible. Willie has been taking up his turnips and dressing them for market. Johnny has been drawing in his from the Corner field and Willie has been helping of and on, he has 19 loads in to night I understand. === {Written in} November 31 1 Wednesday (305-61) === Very fine day. I plowed this forenoon having started the piece on the north back field. the gang plowed part is very soft and does not work pleasantly. I did not plow this afternoon but went to Johnny's turnip hauling in, we finished his hauling at about 5 P.M. and took one load for Willie. Lizzie helped Johnny in with the turnips. Willie + his Boy + team also helped this afternoon Johnny took "Ida Iwen{?}" down to Sarles after dark. we hear of quite a lot of "Halloweve" tricks having been done last night. more than {Undecipherable word} the girls drove to Everton this evening they got a letter from Holyoke also one from Uncle Alex + Meaford Thomy{?} Webb and wife and son left the paternal home this evening for Eden {The rest are written in the left margin} "Ida Iwen" taken to Sarles this evening