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== NOVEMBER 1888 1893 == === 19 20 Monday (324-42) === A finer day then we have had for some time. I have begun this forenoon to split up our round wood, but as the weather seemed mild and pleasant we decided to hitch up the colt to the buggies and Annie + Willie's with Mother and I drove over to Toltons to visit in the afternoon we left shortly after 2 and came home again about 8. Barrie Mutrie paid the girls a visit this afternoon and I drove him over to Johnny's on our return from Toltons. Auntie Bella is a little better. Willie has been driving round with him Harrison who has come up to look after horses to buy. === 20 21 Tuesday (325-41) === Continues moderately fine, although there are signs of changer. I have been splitting up some of the tamarac ready for the stove. and drew it in this evening with the old mare and stone boat. the girls drove up Fred to the buggie to McKenzie this afternoon. they intended to stay all night. Mr Harrison bought the Pete horse from Willie to day and paid him 95 dollars Cash. he paid $100.00 Bill and Willie gave him 5 dollars back. === 21 22 Wednesday (326-40) === very stormy to day. Considerable snow has fallen from passing snow showers. Willie drove to the mill this forenoon with a chopping grist. the girls drove home from McKenzies this afternoon. Willie hitched up his sored colt to day in order to break it in and it soon drove along very nicely, it is surprising how soon these animals turn in to work and, so tractable.