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== NOVEMBER 1888 1893 == === 26 27 Monday (331-35) === Rather wet this forenoon but much worse late in the afternoon. Willie had a bee today drawing turnips to Rockwood, some came early and had their loads disposed of and home to dinner. Willie got home to dinner and took a second load there were quite a number. Henry Duffield., Robert Jestin, Robert Morton, George McWilliams, Robert McWilliams, John McDermott, R.J. Kerr, our Johnny: + Willie twice. Willie was very wet and late in getting home the last time. {The rest is written in the left margin next to the date} Willie has Bee drawing turnips to Rockwood === 27 28 Tuesday (332-34) === A very disagreeable day. it has rained almost constantly all day. Willie bagged up 15 Bags of potatoes this forenoon and I helped him, it did not rain hard when we were at it, but the wind was high and it was cold + stormy and we got a bad storm. the rain coming on after dinner Willie made up his mind not to go to Ballinafad with the potatoes but rather wait till tomorrow and go all the way to Stewartown. if need be, of course Harrison may come up to day and have to return. I went up to Henry Duffields to see a lamb I thought of butchering for our use but he was from home. Mrs Duffields accompanied me down to pay our folks a visit, she has been up at Hanaha{?} for a week or two Henry came down and spent the evening. === 28 29 Wednesday (333-33) === A heavy snow storm to day it began to fall this morning between 6 + 7 oclock and fell steady all day. until to night there may be about 8 inches deep of snow. Willie went away after dinner with his 15 Bags of potatoes and did not return yet this evening. the likely hood being that he drove through to Stewartown Johnny drove over to Mutrie's Stables. Wm Mutrie their late tenant allowed his pigs to run in the stables and they rooted the blocks all up. I bought a lamb (a weather) from Willie for $3.00 but this one pleased me better. I killed it and it weighed 60 lbs dressed.