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June 1871 Sunday 18 Went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C Sermon on St Mat 22 by Rev H Barkey Old David Hoover's were here after the service W. a little rain from East this morning. Cler today 19 W Began making turnip drills I went to B.S. AM & to Mill with Chop PM Sowed some turnips after suppert Let Job of deepening Creek in N West corner field to J Jarvis at 20ct per rod for {past? post?} & 25ct per rod for the rest W. cler 20 Finished sowing turnips W. slow rain from about 10 AM. to 3 PM 21 I & W worked on road in Markham Drew gravel W. fine cler 22 I & W Finished road work & drew some rails this evening. W. fine Cler, looks a little like rain tonight 23 I & W repaired some fences & David finished harrowing fallow AM I & Nancy went to Markham PM W. fine Cler 24 Made vinegar & ground Mower knives AM I took {Cent?} to Caldwell the B smith in Whitevale to get Shod PM W fine rain last night & awhile AM. Clear PM Sunday 25 Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C Sermon on Acts 10th C by Revd H Barkey JDs were here after service & AB's & Finlaws youngster's at supper. W. fine Clear 26 I Mowed about 5 acres in big field north of old bush W. fine 27 I brought 500 tiles from Pettys AM boys shook up hay, raked part I began to cock PM began thunder shower about 3 PM splendid rain I went to Cedar Grove this evening June 1871 28 Drew some wood & Chored AM began to shake out hay at 3PM raked & cocked after supper didn't get quite all cocked. W clear 29 W worked on road in Scarboro I cocked a little hay then went to JD's raising AM helped old WM put up a few cocks of hay he made Clover on Scarboro side on shares W fine cool Clear 30 Fixed Waggon rack & drew 1 load of hay out of Scarboro Meadow AM drew 1 load out of Scarboro into new barn & left it standing on waggon to take to J Burkholder tomorrow & drew in 2 loads north of old bush PM I went to Job letting on 11th Con this evening Let it to M Dykes at 28cts per rod Clearing out ditches & grading road to be performed on or before 10th Septr next. W. fine Clear Cool sharp frost last night July 1st Dominion day stacked the rest of hay about 7 loads had RW & Steele to help AM W took that load to JB & I raked over the meadow PM. I & little boys went fishing awhile this evening little John could not go his foot is sore yet W. fine. Cool. Clear Sunday 2 at home all day Nancy went to Meeting at Cobers. & Adline went to Meeting at Widemans with Br C's W. fine Clear. warm 3 I & W drew in 1 load rakings & filled in drains with Plow AM I began to mow in field near Hoover's PM. W. fair. warm, Clear 4 Chored AM. I went to Cedar Grove PM & mowed after supper. W. fine rain AM

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