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== DECEMBER 1888 1893 == === 3 4 Monday (338-28) === Moderately cold + frosty. we sometimes expect a change to softer weather but it holds on wonderfully well to winter. I have been helping Johnny to cut the planks and lay them in his pig pen. he is making a good job of it. we heard that Mrs Robert Morton had been porly for a few days back, so Margaret and I drove down after tea to night. we found she had been attacked again with the Grippe. She is now greatly better. the two Boys have also been laid up with it, Alice Webb has been attending to them. in coming home we met in with Mrs Webb who was concerned about John not returning from Robert McWilliams where he had gone I set her off home and said I would look after him. so I went to Robert McWilliams and took him home, he was waiting on Robert who had been at the mill. Willie sold Billie {The rest runs into the next section} this P.M. === 4 5 Tuesday (339-27) === Continues fine winter weather. I have been splitting up some of our tamarac wood and intend taking it into the house. it gets snowed up now and again outside. I want to get our elm wood up first so as to have it after the tamarac is used up. we had a call from John and Mrs Mitchie who paid Lizzie a visit this afternoon I was sorry I did not know of their being there as I might have spent the afternoon with them. Mrs Mutrie is wonder fully well and quite smart. they were all at Guelph yesterday I think. and the doctor (Howite) expresses wonder at her appearance. our Johnny has attended Rich McWilliams threshing at the upper place. === 5 6 Wednesday (340-26) === Very windy and stormy night and we were somewhat afraid to start to Guelph. we ventured however and the weather, after all, turned out more fav. ourable than we expected. this being Fair day and also the first day of the "Fat Stock Show" there was quite a lot of people in town. we had 12 lbs of butter of our own an 20 lbs of Bella's. we called at Feildings and sold out right off for 23 cts per lb. cash. Margaret bought quite a quantity of sundries. Willie took in "Billie" and delivered him to Mr Phin according to agreement. Ms Phin gave him his check. I saw Mr Holson and asked the favour of allowing the interest now due to he a couple of months, which he freely granted.