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== DECEMBER 1888 1893 == === 24 25 Monday (359-7) === The weather started well early in the day but, as the day wore on it became cloudy and threatening looking until coming to rain and a dissagreeable after part of the day resulted we are hoping it will clear all off by tomorrow as the sale id then coming off. James Harrison from Stewartown came along to Willies and is staying all night. Willie has been preparing everything for the sale. I got Johnny's help to cut up the balsam logs in the yard I want to split and pile them out of the way. we have had a very quiet Christmas. no visitors or other guests to enjoy the festive season. === 25 26 Tuesday (360-6) CHRISTMAS DAY. Bank Holiday. === The weather has taken up and this morning gave promise of a fine day which was fully realized. the frost has been kean enough to harden up everything around. we got all preparations completed before the commencement of the sale which did not begin till about 2 oclock instead of one, as advertised. there was a very good crowd and the bidding was fair with everything except the horses which was very dull indeed. I bought the Wagon $12.00 harness $8.00. filly foal $15.00. steer $23.00. heifer $14.50. double trees $1 00. plow harness $1.75 Robt Morton's mares did not go off. neither did Rick McWilliams horses. === 26 27 Wednesday (361-5) Bank Holiday in England and Ireland === {Written over the dates descriptors} The Weather Continues fine {Written in line} it was, however, colder to day than yesterday. John McKenzie + Bella with little Willie came down yesterday. Bella remained all last night and John intended coming down to day after James Irvin's sale, which he did, and we all attended to social at Everton this evening. I attended the school meeting this forenoon where I acted as Auditor for last years accounts, and acted as Secretary for the meeting to day. I took the Contract of pf putting in 4 cords dry cedar. 2 feet long for $1.49. per cord. I rode up to the sale with Robt. Jestin and came home again with John McKenzie. John bought a new Tolton plow for $8.50. a gravel box $1 00 and an old stone boat 50 c I was bidding on a cow and a horse but got neither. I heard of a cow to be had from one Atchison, who was at the sale. and I promised to go up and see her tomorrow.