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July 1871 July 5 I finished mowing Meadow near Hoover's untill about 3 PM. then raked a little after supper but it was not fit. W. fine Clear shower's went round north PM boys scuffled Corn & potatoes 6 I & W took horse rake to B S Shop M Burkholders to get new tooth in this morning began to rake up hay about half past 10 Oclock began to rain about 2 Pm. stopped our operations heavy shower tonight I took Matty Shank to Cobers & brought shovel plow from Br. N's 7 We all except Adeline went to Grandpa Hoover's on a visit to see the railway & to see the Cars run it was a great sight for the little ones boys put shovel plow through Corn & raked & Cocked some hay W. fine Clear pretty windy 8 Drew in all hay out of field near Hoovers 19 loads I went to Whitevale this evening to get some Brandy for my Mother she has Bowel Complaint W. fine clear Sunday 9 at home all day CB's & Br. S's were here PM. W. very warm. Cooler this evening Mother some better 10 I went to Markham AM cut little meadow PM except a strip for timothy seed W began crossing old fallow W. fine Clear. like rain tonight 11 I went to Whitevale for some beef & drew a load of peastraw for M Dyke AM helped Nancy Pick black raspberries PM. Dave raked over meadow near Hoovers & raked little meadow W. a little rain this morning. Clear, warm today 12 Drew in load rakings out of field near Hoovers & 4 loads out of little meadow which finishes haying except little orchard July 1871 12 W mowed in that this morning & this evening. I & little boys to grist & chop to mill this evening W. Clear 13 W Plowed & I chored AM all hoed turnip PM I brought home grist after supper W. very warm 14 hoed turnips. W went to Jacob Reesor's home raising PM. I & Dave took in load of hay out of little orchard & hoed turnips W. very warm 15 I & Nancy went Markham AM boys hoed turnips & Plowed potatoes PM. I & W brought home load of edgings I had a swim after supper W. very warm looks like rain Sunday 16 Went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke 12 C 15 to 45 V by Rd H Barkey went to Br S's after service my Mother went to Br N's W. fine. Cooler 17 Both plowed in old fallow Dave thinned turnips. W. cool clear 18 Both plowed AM W. finished in a few hours PM then we helped Dave hoe turnips. got pretty near done. W. a slight shower at noon very high wind PM 19 I went to B.S. W got Jess shod in Whitevale & then helped Dave finish turnips AM I & W helped Br N bind wheat PM Br S cut with his reaper W fine. Clear. Cool 20 Cut roads round Wheat. I was at Br C's awhile PM helping A McCreight put together his new selfraking Buckeye reaper PM I & Nancy took yarn to A Carnagie's after supper W. fine cool clear 21 Helped Br. C cut his old land wheat W. cool clear 22 Cut our treatwell wheat & a little Soules good crop W. Cool. I drove all day with vest & smock on

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