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Oct 1871 Nov Oct 30 I drew some water & 3 loads wood AM & boys tended Kirton I & W tended PM he struck a splendid spring about 10 AM & another PM appears to be plenty of water W. fine Clear 31 tended Kirton made another splendid strike lots of water Commenced to stone up about half past 10 oclock W Clear began to rain from East this evening after dark Nov 1 boys tended Kirton I drew 9 loads stone for well W. cold wind 2 I drew 4 loads stone AM boys began pulling turnips I helped PM. W sharp Cold wind Cler 3 I helped Kirton finish stoning well AM I & Nancy went to Markham to see Pump maker Called at Simon Reesor's W. Cler 4 All Pulled turnips left 20 drills to pull W. raw east wind Sundy 5 at home all day Hoover's young folks were here PM W. Cool clear 6 I helped John Stover kill 6 hogs AM boys drew in 9 loads turnip JB was is here Cutting wood for my Mother AM & Carpentering for me PM W frose pretty hard last night 7 Drew in 20 loads turnips McDonald of Markham lengthened & put in back Pump PM W. pretty Cold 8 Drew in 8 loads turnip AM I & W took 50 bus to Riston in Sparta PM. Dave & JB finished pulling about 20 drills PM JB finished a granary in old farm for me W finer Cler Cold {wind?} 9 I & JB went shooting in big swamp & on the Rouges didn't get much. bush too dry. W beautiful 10 Drew in 1 load potatoes, began to rain at 10 O c husked Corn & I killed Pig 11 Finished drawing in Potatoes AM W plowed behind Cider house PM. I & Dave drew stones away from new well PM W. Cler sharp Cold North wind

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