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{page badly torn in top left corner, top line(s) also missing} {Nov 1871 Dec} {part of page missing} finished plowing behind Cider house AM {missing} root ground PM W Clear {part of page missing}{went} to Finlaws had Br Ns Peter to plow in {part of page missing} W. Cloudy, a squall of snow this evening {part of page missing} W finished root ground & began in sod below {part of page missing} W Cler pretty cold {part of page missing} {24} helped Br N kill hogs. W heavy soft snow AM thawing PM {25} W helped JD thresh with team I & little boys drew {home?} pine wood & edgings with sleigh. W thawing, snow going Sunday 26 at home all day. W. drissly thawing 27 I worked on road in Scarboro. W helped finish thresh at JD's AM. Plowed sod PM. W. freesing sharp 28 Helped Br C kill hogs. W. very Cold 29 Made ready to kill our hogs tomorrow W Cold Cler 30 Killed our 6 hogs. W fine some Milder Dec 1 Chored. Cut a lot of Edgings. W. Milder 2 helped Br N kill hogs AM. Chored PM. W mild Cler Sunday 3 I & little girls went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C. sermon on St Luke 10th C by Rev H Barkey. W. mild Cler. Br. S's youngsters & CB's were {here} PM PM 4 Had JD with oxen to skid up logs for Sawing Machine. W. mild AM some snow squalls PM

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