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Dec 1871 Jan 1872 Christmas day 25 went to Meeting at Hebron Remarks by Br C Sermon on {blank space} by Red H Barkey Br S's were here PM John Stover's were here this evening W. fine Clear. heard today that JH Ramer's house was burned yesterday morning at daylight & a good part of the furniture 26 Went to S Lehman's W. Cold 27 I & RW killed our beef W some snow squalls Received a subpoena summons to appear at Court as a Petit Juryman on the 8th of January 1872 28 went to Markham & a while to JH Ramer's W. Cold 29 Had Jonas Miller to thresh few loads Clover Ginned out 5 bus. I & JB began drawing wood drags PM. drew 8 PM 30 I & JB drew 6 logs AM then he went home & I brought load edgings PM. W. East wind rain this {evening} 31 Went to Flavius' W. thawing rain {after} {page torn} Finlaws Came to stay all night Jan 1st 1871 at home all day. Br. N & Mrs Moyer {from?} {page torn} {were} here awhile AM. W fine Cler. roads a sheet of ice {page torn} the centre of the turnpike. fields mostly bare {page torn} & JB drew 16 logs. Uncle Samls youngsters {&} youngsters from Cayuga & Anne Reesor were here {at} noon. W. strong sharp East wind 3 I & JB drew 9 logs AM Cut some sheaves put Brine on Pork & I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove PM. W East {wind} soft snow & a little rain PM. mild 4 I & JB & little John brought home Cow that I bought of AB @ $35.00 this morning. then we drew 11 logs W. sof. Cloudy 5 I Chored AM. Helped Br C kill beef PM W. fine RW Killed my Poor Old Faithful horse ! Tom ! tonight Aged. 29 yrs 6 m. he got down and Could not rise 6 I & Nancy went to Markham. Called at J Stover's for dinner he bought 2 steers off me @ $25.00 each I moved horse power behind Cider house W. Cold north wind Sunday 7 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Rd H Barkey sermon on St Mat 8 C by Br. C Saml Ramer & Mary Hoover & Finlaw's youngsters were here PM I went to see JB to chore for me I intend to go to Toronto tomorrow W very cold a little milder this evening

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