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April 1872 May April 20 W finished plowing below garden & Commenced in sod near Hoover's I helped Flavius draw sand & fixed board fence along pickering townline my Mother is rather poorly today W. fine clear Sunday 21 at home all day Mother very poorly AB's JD's CB's BrC & Br S? N's were here PM. W. fine. Clear 22 Went to Markham AM got Medicine for My Mother AM. Chored PM W. Cold blustering Dave Stephenson Came to work today @ $45.00 for 7 months W. went to plow for John Stover blustering, a little snow squalls. Cold wind froze last night 23 Both plowed AM. Chored PM. W very Cold Wind AM. about 3 in snow fell PM 24 Sawed Elm Cordwood in two AM W helped JD log PM I & Dave brought home & planted about 20 Black raspberry bushes PM W. warm Snow all gone 25 Both plowed AM I brought load of lime from Jim Hadleys for Flavius PM. W. warm. Close 26 I plowed W is not well. W. fine Clear 27 Both plowed W. Cold NW wind. J Wideman & wife Came to stay all night Sunday 28 I staid at home with My Mother & little boys. Nancy & little girls went to Meeting at Hebron. Finlaws youngsters were here after service David Burkholder at supper W. fine Clear 29 Sowed sod below garden with Oats JB Came PM to fix garden fences & lane fence. W. Cold East wind Clear 30 I sowed 4 bus spring Wheat in north side of field back of garden AM & Dave gang plowed it in then I helped JB at lane fence. W finished sod till supper time then rolled Oats after supper W. Close & warm distant thunder. looks like rain May 1 Got Br Cs gang Plow boys both Ganged in field back of garden AM threshed Crown Peas PM W. a little rain this morning. Showry PM. makes things grow May 1872 May 1 Great fire reported in Markham last night have not heard Particulars yet David Burkholder's illegible son Abraham's wife died Suddenly this morning 2 boys gang plowed last year's Root ground & nearly finished back of garden I helped JB at lane fence W. fine 3 Sowed sod with peas. Nancy went to Abraham Burkholder's wife's funeral with Br. C & Br N's got sod harrowed twice W. began to rain about 10 to 2 PM. Clearing till night 4 W began to plow in East end of big field where Clover missed. Dave finished harrowing sod peas till 10 AM then I helped to plow W. Cold north wind Sunday 5 at home Br N's were here PM. W. fine clear 6 I sowed last years turnip ground with barley & Dave harrowed it. I took my Mother to JD. W began to plow behind Cider house. W. fine warm Clear 7 I sowed barly in field back of garden AM W & JB plowed behind Cider house JB hitched his horse with old Dick Dave harrowed barly I plowed PM & JB worked at lane fence w. very warm 8 Plowed & brought 10 1/2 bus white oats from Old Willie Morrison's AM sowed field behind Cider house PM. got harrowed once a little showry PM Ascension day 9 I went with Children to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C. Sermon on St Luke 24 C by Rvd H Barkey W. warm Clear 10 I sowed Crown Peas in N W Corner Dave gang plowed them AM JB & W. fixed fence at Scarboro Pasture. W ganged PM & Dave finished harrowing Oats W. fine Clear 11 I & Nany went to Markham AM sowed grass seed on Crown Peas PM Dave finished harrowing. W. plowed in big field W fine Clear Saw the results of the fire in Markham today {Hon?} D Reesor's stable fired by an Incendiary were burnt his Dwelling Carleton's stable & Store D Johnston's Saddlery Mair's Law Office

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