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== 1904 == Decr 9 Thompsons finished threshing Jas White threshing very Cold " 10 Jas. White finished threshing. Drawing hay from Lower Place still cold " 11 (Sunday) B. & Mary to Libs Stormy but no sleighing " 12 Stormy all day Putting away Implements. A {Agnes} to Fergus with Cutter " 13 Hastings Threshing Stormy Drawing wood " 14 " " 2 hands. Sold 5 Cattle to Geo. Burr @ 8 1/2 " 15 Took Burrs 5 Cattle to Fergus wt 4880 " 16 to Fergus with chop 7 Bags took straw to C Kleiner " 17 To Guelph with Cutter Poor Slipping. Cold & Fine " 19 To Fergus County Council nomination Snowing 10 Below " 20 Jas Smeltzers Sale. heavy snowfall. good sleighing " 21 B. & Jas. to Belwood. Got Rubbers. To A. Hannas at night cold " 22 Milder Drawing up Hay A {Agnes} to Fergus killing Pigs at Rennies and D. Milnes " 23 Thaw Sleighing gone. Working at Building Calf (Felker) " 24 B. To Fergus with chop. Cold. B. & Mary down at night " 25 (Sunday) B. and A to Church. storm from the East " 26 Raw misty Byron struk {struck} by the Train on 4th line Crossing and had his Leg Broken Badly. Removed to the Alexindria {Alexandria?} Hospital where it was ampluated {amputated} above the knee that night and he Seemed to be doing well. A {Agnes} stayed all night " 27 Rain which froze as it fell making very slippery roads went to Hospital when he seemed still well Came home in afternoon But was Called Back at night he being worse " 28 Byron Died in the Hospital this morning at 1 Oclock Kaye {& ..? cut off} in Hospital all night and was Driven up in the morning By Jas Russell. Jas Thompson Beat the Body up {that?} night Cold stormy and Roads very Icy " 29 the most dangerous Roads I ever saw still Cold with Some Snow " 30 Still Raw Cold and slippery Byrons Companions Brot {Brought} wreath :Gates Ajar: " 31 milder Byron's Funreal {Funeral} Large attendance Considering the roads Since at the House & Belsyde Cemetry {Cemetery} By J. B. Mullan all Neighbors have been very helpful and sympathetic but the Sudden Breavement {Bereavement} is hard