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== 1905 == Jany 1 (Sunday) a sad lonely day. fairly mild. took Lizzie and Jessie down to Fergus " 2 Cold and roads still slippery took Edna and Hary {Harry} to Train " A. {Agnes} and I went to Fergus got Big Black Horse {sharpened?} " 4-5-6. Cold. some sno {snow} from East laid up with Cold " 7 A. {Agnes} to Fergus Re Kyles note Aunt {Isie?} and Bell came up " 8 Cold and stormy to Church. Cutters and sleighs again " 9 very stormy and drifts Piling up fast " 10 " " Cold and Con Roads in some places filled up " 11 stormy A. {Agnes} to Fergus Oswald Stewart Came " 12 Cleaning Grain. To Barnetts with Sow Mrs {Mason?} here " 13 Milder Wm Browns Funreal {Funeral} " 14 Clear Cold Seeing A. White & D Johnston then to Fergus " 16 very Drifty Roads (Con) Blocked up to Drydens & {Surgiss?} Re Gibson took Sow Home " 17 Fine over the River and up by Dream Beloved Meeting in evening Drawing Turnips " 18 Mild Snowing Nomination (Local) Candidates Gibson & Craig. Jas Rennie here drawing Turnips took 4 Loads " 19 Fine. John & Oswald down with Turnips " 20 To Fergus with A Hanna Saw Beattie re Turnips Meeting in Townsends in evening for Gibson Fine Weather " 21 Mild snowing To Fergus with A. {Agnes} to Dr " 23 Fine But Cold D Johnston & F Martin here " 24 Snowing Heavy. To Mrs {Peters?} Funreal. {Funeral} Mr McDonald Came Killed Pig 203 lbs " 25 Great storm. Blocked roads. Polling day Local Election Ross Defeated 69 C. to 29 L. D R U at Living Springs " 26 Os Stewart Left Cold but not so stormy " 27 stormy again to F.B. Andersons with H McDonald Re {audit?} " 28 Mrs McDonald went after {afternoon} H staying al {all} night " 29 (Sunday) A. {Agnes} and Mary to Church still cold " 30 Clear Cold to Elora with Ballot Box to meet Anderson " 31 " " Alex Whites Funreal {Funeral} To Fergus with Load of Oats Feby 1 To Fergus with Chop to Barnetts with Sow Cold Storming " 2 very cold and stormy Laid up with Cold