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== 1905 == March 7 Fine Clear to Belwood with oats @ {40?} " 8 " " A. {Agnes} and I to Fergus (9) Fine very frosty Drawing hay & wood " 10 Fine Clear Cold drawing wood (11) Clear Cold oats to Belwood Drawing Hay Jack Moir Here " 12 (Sunday) Clear Cold John & Mary to Church (13) Clear Cold 10 Below moving straw " 14 A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with Chop Clear Cold " 15 To Sherwoods Sale & and R. Stewarts took hay to A Hanna Clear Cold " 16 Rain. Freezing {east?} fell. To Fergus Seed Fair " " " " 17 Misty Mild Then sunny took oats to Fergus Isie Came up " 18 Rainy Real Thaw Thunder River Flooded Robins Seen Drawing Hay " 20 Drawing hay. Soft Roads bad Frosty night " 21 To Fergus with Thompson Bros with Bull for Guelph sale Roads Bad " 22 A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with oats. Thawing Bad Sleighing " 23 No Frost Last night warm to day Great thaw River Broke up 9th april Last year. Drawing hay Cleaning out Hogs " 24 Thawing good all day. no Frost at night. Ringing Hogs Ice left Fergus working Wilsons Flame " 25 Greatest sun thaw yet River very high Ice Left Fergus Dams Last night Broke Road on Concession. Drawing Hay quite warm " 26 (Sunday) Drizzling most of the day " 27 Warm. Lot of Snow went. Cleaning up Oats. wheels out first time " 28 Warm Drawing oats From Low Place all Day " 29 Took Chop to Fergus on Wheels. Went to Davidson's sale Isie & A {Agnes} To Fergus with Buggy very Warm " 30 Threating Rain storm Hanna Clipped Donkey Horse " 31 Snow about gone. Rae Duguid McDonald Plowing Drawing hay up from Lower Place April 1 Took steer up to Albert McLellans took Home Seeder from there Frosty night " 2 (Sunday) Cold NE Wind up to Flewellings Wheelling good " 3 Stan Hanna Came to work. took Heifer to Fergus Drawed up all the Turnips Frosty morning to Brown for Barley Rain " 4 Started Plowing (Sod) A {Agnes} & John to fergus for Grass Seed and oats. Took Chop. Cold. Raw " 5 A {Agnes} to Flewellings for seed oats. Plowing spreading manure. Fresh in morning " 6 Hard frost Taking off wire Plowing sod in afternoon to {Mrs?} Thomsons at night Lambs