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== 1905 == April 29 slight shower in morning then cool and wind finished Disking 8 Sowing it with New Zealand oast and Harrowing wind & Rain at night " 30 (Sunday) Cold Cloudy & windy Mary walked to Church May 1 Hard Frost Ice & thick To Jas Milnes Trading oats. Finished sowing N. Zealand oats in 8 and Harrowed them Cultivating this side of Ditch in 8 Disking in 4 " 2 Cold shower of Snow. To Fergus with chop finished spreading manure in 11 Plowing Sowed 4 NE of Ditch " 3 warm Rain in morning Plowing till noon in 11 Finished Sowing in 4 Started in 8 west of Ditch Harrowing in 8 & 4 " 4 Misty Cool To Fergus with Hogs for A Hanna pd {paid} Pritchard got more Grass Seed finished Sowing & Harrowing in 8 Plowing in 3 Stans time up " 5 Warmer Plowed Harrowed and Cultivated in 3 ready to Sow it " 6 Started to sow in 3 but had to quit for a rain rained heavy all afternoon " 8 Finished Sowing upper {Piece?} of 3 (Leaving Black muck at Bottom to Do) Frost in morning Rain in afternoon Jas Black here. Fixed Place for {cow?} at {Jones's?} Line " 9 Warmer Stan Hanna had Team Drawing straw and Hay to stockers Plowing in 11 " 10 Cool Fixing Fences A {Agnes} to Fergus Putting stakes along River For wire Stan had Team {Brinhous?} Colt Came A Called over to Thompsons Eliza {Forbes's oldest daughter Elizabeth} Being taken suddenly ill " 11 Cool Took 4 Hogs to Fergus 6.75. A. at Thompsons Fine afternoon " 12 very Fine Drawing manure on Track Plowing & Drilling. A {Agnes} still at Thompsons " 13 White Frost Warm Fine Day Took Load of Hay from Thompsons fixing Fences. Planted 9 Pails of Potatoes on Track A. {Agnes} at Ts {Thompsons} " 14 (Sunday) Heavy rain in morning and Drizzly all Day A {Agnes} Came home From Ts warm Growing day " 15 Damp and Rainy all day Put wire accross {across} River Fixing Fence Stan here " 16 Took 2 steers to Fergus 22.00 @ 4 cts Put 20 Cattle out to Grass heavy Rain in afternoon Stan had Team " 17 Plowing Summer Fallow Stan here. A. {Agnes} To Fergus Rain and Hail " 18 Stan here Rain all Forenoon {Bils?} Horse sick Picking Potatoes J. {Breechnoir?} came to Fence Finished Plowing in 11 Cold " 19 Stan here Drawing up {stash?} Bottoms and drawing manure to spring Field Picking Potatoes Wild Plums in Bloom " 20 Frost Ice on water 2 Teams and John with Stan Finished Picking