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== 1895 June == 5 Rain all Forenoon Cooler 6 Plowing very Cold had mitts on " Planted Corn Beans Sowed Carrots. Frost 7 Drilling and sowing turnips Planted Corn on Track 8 Warmer Took steer to Fergus 9 (Sunday) Jas.Dix here very hot 10 Whitewashing. worked Sheep hot 11 Away with John McLellan looking at Roads 12 Plowing Turnip Land 13 To Salem For Flour visiting at Richardsons {Burts J ?} 14 Finished Plowing Turnip Land. Drilling {Do = same as above} 15 Finished Sowing Turnips. to Gravel Letting 17 clipping sheep hot. Drouth Getting Serious 18 Building Lane Fence. Grasshoppers thick 19 '' '' '' Finished Put Trough in Ditch 20 visiting. J. Moirs & R. Stewarts 21 at {Alex?} Bremmers Raising hot 22 Doing some Road work. Light Rain 24 Roadwork drawing Gravel 25 Council meeting hot 26 Finished Roadwork Thunder & a nice Shower 27 Fixing Culvert on Gravel. Putting in gate at swamp 28 Away with Reeve to Bridges To Shaws Funreal {Funeral} Rain 29 Uncle Came here from Goderich == July == 1 Day Dry Posting Bills 2 '' '' Scuffling Potatoes hanging Gate 3 Digging Drain up to Bridge Con 1 Lot 16 4 With R Thompson to R Richardsons 5 Letting jobs of Gravelling and ditching on 2nd & 3rd Lines 6 To See Reeve. Drawing Earth to end Drain in Lane 8 Took Uncle to Station. Some Rain 9 high wind Cold. Levi & E Flewelling here for orders == 1895 July == 10 Front resowing Turnips sowing corn. Frost 11 To Fergus For Oil meal & {c....?} 12 Painting a very fine Shower scufffling Turnips 13 '' very Like Rain but none came {S Fro..? cut off} 15 Started to Cut hay Rainy afternoon 16 hoeing Potatoes & Corn Killed a Pig 17 Mowing Coling up to See Ditch of P. Clark at Will. 18 '' '' to Belwood saw first stooks sowing at {Will..? cut off} 19-20 Cutting Raking & Drawing hay 22 Pulling {Putting} Paris Green on Potatoes. Cloudy & {co...? cut off} 23 Finished Cutting hay very Light Crop 24 hay all in Drawing wood from swamp 25 To Nichol to A Moir's Signs but not much rain 26 Drawing wood to C. Vroomans Raining in afternoon 27 rain all Forenoon. {Seeing?} Bridges and to {F..? cut off} 29 Seeing. D. Watsons ditch. Slight Rain 30 Heavy Rain Last night Cold. Started to pull {F..? cut off} 31 very high wind all day and very Cold == August == 1 Sunday school Entertainment. Cool 2-3 Pulling Flax Fine 5 '' '' Fine shower yesterday {m..? cut off} 6 '' '' Hot and thunder no Rain at {...cut off} 7 another Fine Shower. Helping Watson Hayfork 8 Pulling Flax George Roy helping. Rain at night 9 Rain. To Fergus with Wool & To Thos {Harmas?} Funreal {Funeral} 10 Warm pulling Flax 12 The Heaviest rain last night for a year But {mi..?} {Ghar?} pulling {Fl..?} 13 Finished pulling Flax Frost this morning 14 to Elora With Flax very warm 15 Council meeting. Cool and pleasant 16 To Elora with Flax warm 17 Heavy Rain and Hail in afternoon == 1895 August == 19 Started Cutting wheat. Light Crop 20 Finished wheat started peas. Thunder & rain Frost 21 Pulling Peas slight frost 22 Finished pulling Peas and Loading Flax 23 Wheat all in and some peas warm 24 Rainy afternoon To Fergus 26 To Elora with Last of Flax very hot 27 Peas all in. Started to Cut oats 28 Cutting oats over to Ransoms with T Hamiliton 29 " " Raking wheat stubble Thunder & rain last night 30 Cutting oats very hot 31 Cut all that is Ripe some Rain and Cold Septr 2 Fine drawing in oats 4 " " " " Rain in afternoon warm 5 Finished Cutting warm 6 Drawing in oats hot 7 Down to Hanna's & Days Seeing about Ditch to {Fergus?} 9 Harrowing down Turnip Drills to Fergus with H Mitchell 10 Gang Plowing Pea land hot - 90 11 very hot 93 in Shade A {Agnes} went to Toronto Finished Drawing in the worst Crop we ever had in 36 years 12 D. Milne threshing warm 13 Watson " Broke down went to Fergus for Share 14 " " morning Plowing Cold 15 (Sunday) heavy Frost Last nigh {night} Blocking Potatoes 16 Plowing warm A {Agnes} came from Toronto 17 Choring went to Fergus 18 Threshing The worst Turnout we ever had R Richardson hurt 19 Thompsons threshing hot (20) Rennie Threshing 21 Jas Milne Threshing hot 88 in the Shade 22 (Sunday) hottest day in Septr for years 90 == 1895 == Septr 23 Finished Plowing for Rye Cold 24 To G. Martin's Sale 25 To Fergus for Timothy Seed 26 T {To} Jas Carneys for Rye Seed 50 cts P {per} Bushel 27 Sowing Rye about 1 1/4 Bush wheat mark about {? cut off} 28 Picking stones Rolling Harrowing 30 High wind & very Cold Plowing October 1 Cold yet Sowing Rye 2 To Fergus Got Chop New Suit & and fine Boots 3 Pulling stumps {Tiying?} Corn 4 & 5 Drawing wood from Watsons Swamp hot 7 Making Waggon Bot {Bottom} Started to Draw manure Rain 8 Drawing manure Cold 9 " " to Belwood Show Cold 10 Drawing manure (11) Do {as above} Rain heavy 12 Finished Drawing manure to Fergus for {setmiae?} 14 Started Potatoes took up 100 Bush fine Crop 15 at Potatoes Fine took 100 Bush up 16 " " a Lot of Rain fell 17 Tibbitts Threshing finished Potatoes Cold up to {Living ? cut off} 18 To Grand valley Show fine somewhat Cold and windy 19 Council Meeting Sent A. Walkers potatoes to Fergus A heavy Snow storm in the evening about 8 in {? cut off} 21 Cold took Jas Milnes wife to Fergus to Salem with G {? cut off} 22 Snow Gone to Thompsons for Load of mangolds 23 Fine working at Watsons all day 24 Plowing very hard Frost Harrowing Potatoe land at {?D cut off} 25 Started to Spread manure and Plow in {Kilean?} 26 Warmer Plowing and Taking up Turnips 27 (Sunday) Warm Fine Thunderstorm at night 28 Cold Blustering Snowing 29 Same With Quite a fall of Snow